The beginning of 18th century motivated women to wear clothes that were fitted well. This kind of transformation in the clothing of women is one aspect that triggered the emergence of handbags. Many theories also claim that the handbags were a result of World War II due to very many reasons.

Elespry Women’s Handbag Designs

elespry womens handbag

Trendy Brown Handbag

trendy brown handbag

Brown Polyurethane Handbag Designs

brown polyurethane handbag

Irrespective of the primary reason behind the emergence of handbags, you can’t ignore that it is an important fashion statement. It was the usage of different styles and patterns that created the concept of ‘bagology’. When you observe around you may find varied styles and patterns of handbags that are being used today.

Gussaci Italy Women’s Handbag

gussaci italy womens handbag

Lino Perros Women’s Satchel Handbag

lino perros womens satchel handbag

Louise Belgium Women’s Handbag Brown

louise belgium womens handbag brown

Di Grazia Sequined Italy Genuine Leather Women Handbag

di grazia sequined italy genuine leather women handbag

Attractive Louise Belgium Brown Handbag

attractive louise belgium brown handbag

Lavie Edwina Med Tote Women’s Handbag

lavie edwina med tote womens handbag

Alessia74 Women’s Handbag Dark Brown

alessia74 womens handbag dark brown

ESBEDA Women’s Handbag Design

esbeda womens handbag

Brown Lavie Women’s Tote Bag

brown lavie womens tote bag

Hidesign Women’s Handbag

hidesign womens handbag

Stella Ricci Women’s Shoulder Bag

stella ricci womens shoulder bag

Modern Alessia74 Women’s Handbag

modern alessia74 womens handbag

Fancy Mart HB13 Women’s Hand

fancy mart hb13 womens hand

Elespry Brown Faux Leather Handbag

elespry brown faux leather handbag

Butterflies Brown-Maroon Handbag

butterflies brown maroon handbag

Utsukushii Brown Polyurethane Handbag

utsukushii brown polyurethane handbag

Bagsy Malone Brown Handbag

bagsy malone brown handbag

Bella Brown Handbags-Gemma Tote

bella brown handbags gemma tote

Piazza-Florence Shopper

piazza florence shopper

Michael Kors Handbags-Shoulder Bag

michael kors handbags shoulder bag

Vince Camuto-Nicki Hobo Brown Handbag

vince camuto nicki hobo

Cole Haan Delilah Tote Brown Hand bag

cole haan delilah tote brown hand bag

Different handbags are used by different personalities. For instance, if you are someone who loves status and wish to come across as elite and superior, you will definitely want to hang your handbag on your elbow, and it will be medium to small in size. On the same lines, if you are a professional and love to give respect to your professional life, you are someone who will be found carrying a bigger bag, heavy enough to lift by hand, which may bend one shoulder.

Brown and black bags are the types that are often preferred by ladies who are slightly reserved. You may come across as a snob but once people start to get to know you, they will realize that they were mistaken initially. Similarly if you carry a handbag that is in the shape of a cigar box, you are someone who need not be told what to do and what not to.

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