Handbags are some of the most personalised accessories preferred by people. Several factors like colour, finish, texture, material, size and ability to match a particular attire determine the choice of a particular handbag. Trends of fashion are changing, and so are the aptitudes of people. There is an increasing tendency among fashion lovers to personalise handbags according to one’s physique and appearance. So, if you are looking for different handbag designs, scroll down to find twenty trendy handbag ideas in the market.

Designer Leather Handbags

Designer leather handbags are quite popular these days and come across various shades of brown. There are fashionable zippers and other elements in the exterior surface that adds variety to these bags. You can opt for a particular size of bag that you need.

Black Leather Designer Handbag

black leather designer handbag

Faux Leather Designer Handbag

faux leather designer handbag


Designer Tote Handbags

These are customized for professionals and have a smarter look. Although there are a lot of colour variations in these bags, most of these are sophisticated and the bags have a rectangular shape with little variation. You may find floral and other designs in these bags.

Large Tote Handbag Design

large tote handbag design

Small Tote Handbag

small tote handbag


Vintage Designer Handbags

When you think of a vintage bag, you may consider the black, old fashioned leather bags with diagonal stiches across the leather. Well, you can get a modified version of these bags, along with other colours and textures. Try out innovative designs with chains and logos.

Vintage Designer Leather Handbag

vintage designer leather handbag


Vintage Fossil Handbag

vintage fossil handbag

Designer Crossbody Handbags

These bags are ideal for casual use as well as for travellers. The cross-body bags have a specific pattern of design in the body. You can try out new variations like the ones with double external zippers and a flap, or the ones with chains. There are various shades of brown across which these are available.

Crossbody Travel Handbag

crossbody travel handbag

Cute Crossbody Handbag Design

cute crossbody handbag design


Small Designer Handbags

Small designer handbags are easy to carry. You can pick from a number of available designs and varieties, like rounded ones, shorter ones and bags with an outer flap. Short handles are a common feature for these bags.

Small Satchel Handbag Design

small satchel handbag design

Small Shoulder Handbag

small shoulder handbag


Designer Hobo Handbags

These are colourful and trendy bags that have fashionable handles. You can use if you are fond of junk accessories. Most of these bags have shiny metal zippers and short, rounded handles. There are different colour variations like brown, black and red.

Small Hobo Handbag Design

small hobo handbag design

Black and White Hobo Handbag

black and white hobo handbag


Designer Quilted Handbags

Quilted handbags have been in fashion for long. With the change in tastes and dressing habits, new intricate designs and stitch patterns have been incorporated in these bags. Black quilted bags with golden dangling chains look elegant. There are different sizes of blocks stitched out in these bags.

Pink Quilted Handbag Design

pink quilted handbag design

Handmade Quilted Handbag Design

handmade quilted handbag design


Designer Fringe Handbags

These handbags are really fashionable in look. You can find chic looking bags with dangling designs, and that too, across various colour variations. You can enjoy a Bohemian look or a trendy vibe when you choose the right colour and size.

Designer Leather Fringe Handbag

designer leather fringe handbag


Animal Print Designer Handbags

Designs in animal skins have inspired handbags for long. With change in taste of fashion lovers, the spots and designs have also altered their appearance. There are leopard skin spots of various density of patches. You can choose from the light and darker colours according to your aptitude.

Leapord Print Designer Handbag

leapord print designer handbag


Animal Print Crossbody Handbag

animal print crossbody handbag


Handmade Handbag Designs

Handmade handbags are diverse in nature. You can choose the fabric that you are compatible with. Jute and synthetic are the most common fabrics. Innovatively embroidered patterns are the main features of these bags.

Handmade Embroidered Handbag Design

handmade embroidered handbag design

Handmade Fabric Handbag Design

handmade fabric handbag design

Floral Handbag Designs

Floral handbag designs are undoubtedly popular among women. When you choose the pattern, decide whether you care going to use it for formal or informal purposes. There are a lot of colour variations. Go for pink, yellow and red shades for bright looks. The size of floral patterns can also be customized.

Floral Fossil Handbag Design

floral fossil handbag design

Plaid Handbag Designs

These handbags are featured by the presence of certain lines across the outer surface. These may be criss-cross, vertical, horizontal and a mixture of all these patterns. Go for a lighter background colour with deep stripes for perfect looks.

Plaid Tote Handbag

plaid tote handbag1

Plaid Wool Handbag Design

plaid wool handbag design1


Fur Handbag Designs

Fur handbags are ideal for fashionable looks. You can use these bags in parties and travelling. There are various colour shades and sizes across which these are available. You can opt for the latest fashions like the ones with wool balls and rings.

Pink Fur Handbag Design

pink fur handbag design

Beaded Handbag Designs

The best advantage of using a beaded handbag is that you will get a vibrant accessory. The smaller the size of beads, the better is the appearance of the bag. However, larger beads are often used to make innovative patterns. Different objects and patterns are made with colourful beads.

Antique Beaded Handbag

antique beaded handbag

Funny Handbag Designs

If you want a funny handbag, go for crazy patterns. These bags are themed like video cassettes, animals, flower vases and other objects. You can choose the size you are comfortable with. These are ideal for outgoing people, ready to experiment with looks.

Funny Summer Handbag Design

funny summer handbag design


Red Handbag Designs

Since red is a vibrant colour, people love to shop red handbags to boost up their appearance. You will come across various embroidered designs and patterns on these bags. You can go for different materials like canvas, jute, synthetic and others. Make sure it is compatible to your figure.

Black and Red Handbag Design

black and red handbag design

Red Clutch Handbag Design

red clutch handbag design


Designer Shoulder Handbags

These handbags come with long handles so that you can hang them from your shoulder. These are ideal for professionals and you can personalise the bags according to colour, fabric and design for everyday use.

Leather Shoulder Handbag

leather shoulder handbag


Gray Shoulder Handbag

gray shoulder handbag


Designer Canvas Handbags

Canvas handbags are very popular in the market. The best part is that these bags often come with quotations and writings on them. Canvas bags have shorter handles and you can choose a particular shape like rectangular or rounded bags.

Coated Canvas Handbag

coated canvas handbag1

Small Canvas Handbag Design

small canvas handbag design

Cute Canvas Tote Handbag

cute canvas tote handbag


Designer Clutch Handbags

These are small and elongated bags, customised to be gripped with hand. Generally, these bags have a single zipper in the centre. You can customise the embroidery work on the outer surface of the bag. Sometimes there are quotations and various scripts written on these bags.

White Clutch Handbag Design

white clutch handbag design

Wooden Handbag Designs

Wooden handbags have a trendy look. They have a single compartment, and you cannot carry too many things in these bags. The polished or burnished outer surface of these bags make them look elegant. You can customise the pattern and design of the outer surface.

Vintage Wooden Handbag

vintage wooden handbag


Contemporary Handbag Trends

There is a diversity in the taste of people, so several variations of handbag designs thrive in the market. While some people opt for traditional designs, others go for the latest trends. There is a section of fashion lovers who try to blend up the two designs with a vintage touch in their handbags. Homemade bags, floral bags, fur bags and different other bags are quite popular in the contemporary fashion world.

How are Handbags Selected?

Selecting a particular handbag is quite a tedious task. Here are a few steps you need to follow to choose the ideal handbag for yourself.

  • Choose the occasion for which you are going to use the bag
  • Set a budget and look for various designs within the limit
  • Decide the colour and size you need
  • When you opt for a particular material, you need to decide for how long you will be using the handbag
  • After considering all these points, make the final purchase decision

Apart from all the trends presented above, there continues to be a diversity in the fashion trends and new handbag designs are cropping up every day. Each one of these is unique in their look, while some are the result of blending two or more designs. Well, you too can innovate a new handbag design of your own, and when you find a new design, feel free to let us know about it.

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