A piece of fashion, handbags is the medium sized bag that is used by men and women both. If observed on majority basis, women are found using them more. In the initial time of the 20th century, it was the aftermath of World War II that encouraged production of handbags. Be it crochets or yarn made, they were found in a number of varieties. In fact, some women crochet their own bags as per their own preferences and likes. Some women showed creativity and embraced a little bit of commercial aspects in their creations.

Alessia Blue Handbag

alessia blue handbag

Ladida Blue Handbag

ladida blue handbag

Diana Korr Women’s Handbag

diana korr womens handbag

The current trends have led to different shapes for different purposes. For instance, Cuboids shape is the best for medical practitioners. This is because it fits in their requirements well. Similarly handbags may be seen in the shape of sphere, triangular and many more such. You describe your utility and it is there for you.

KNY Women Blue Handbag

kny women blue handbag

Moac Blue-Red Canvas Handbag

moac blue red canvas handbag

Peperone Baltic Aqua Blue Handbag

peperone baltic aqua blue handbag

Mithra’s Cross body Blue Bag

mithras crossbody blue bag

1969 V Italia

Chasse Wells Access Facile Tote Bag

chasse wells access facile tote bag

Access Denied

Small Trimmed Vera Handbag

small trimmed vera handbag

Aero Tray

Sofia Tote Blue Handbag

sofia tote blue hansbag

1969 V Italia

Piazza Day Bag

piazza day bag

Ape case

Catriona Mini Bag

catriona mini bag

Nicole Lee

Fortuna Cross body Bag

fortuna crossbody bag

1969 V Italia

Hand Painted Medium Shoulder Bag

hand painted medium shoulder bag

Anna by Anuschka

Fortuna Satchel Blue Handbag

fortuna satchel blue handbag

1969 V Italia

Hand Painted Slim Cross Shoulder Bag

hand painted slim cross shoulder bag

Anna by Anuschka

Chi Chi Cross body Shoulder Bag

chi chi crossbody shoulder bag


Artist Circle East West Satchel bag

artist circle east west satchel bag


Voyageur Calera Cross body Bag

voyageur calera crossbody bag


Zip Zap Satchel

zip zap satchel

Olivia + Joy

Gauge Machine Handbag

gauge machin handbag

La Volsa Blue Handbag

la volsa blue handbag

Peperone Blue Handbag

peperone blue handbag

Baggit-L Infinity Forestdew Aqua Handbag

baggit l infinity forestdew aqua handbag


peperone handbag

10th Planet-Blue Polyurethane Handbag

10th planet blue polyurethane handbag

Peperone-Attractive Blue Handbag

peperone attractive blue handbag

The single color blue is available in different shades. You may choose as you like. Leather to cross buckle, the concept of handbag has been worked upon a lot. So choose the one that truly represents you.

Wearing the bag while the strap hangs on your shoulder clearly depicts that you are not a peacock. You are someone who prefers to be practical. While you let your handbag hang on your elbow, you may come across as someone who prefers to represent status and position. The list goes on. Better choose the right handbag that represents you.

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