The days of stuffing your keys, phones, and other items in cheap, short lasting bags are long gone. A leather backpack is durable, has a unique texture and is low maintenance. A familiar sight with students, you can even see working adults carrying these bags. With many types of backpacks available to date it can be overwhelming to choose the right one. That is why, in this article, we have narrowed down different leather backpack designs to suit your needs.

Designer Black Leather Backpacks

You can be sure you are getting a high-quality product when you purchase a designer black leather backpack. The black color exudes a sophisticated look that makes these bags practical for school and traveling. The dark shade will match with any outfit.

Designer Dark Black Leather Backpack

designer dark black leather backpack

Vintage Leather Backpacks

Vintage leather backpacks are durable and age better. Because they were handmade from past eras, these bags are timeless and can act as a status symbol. The natural material of leather adds a luxurious look to these backpacks and tends to come in subdued colors and bright shades. You may also see Vintage Backpack Designs

Vintage Buckle Flap Leather Backpack

vintage buckle flap leather backpack

Faux Leather Backpacks

If you prefer environmental friendly backpacks, then go for those made with faux leather. These bags are easy to clean and have a consistent color.  This material also comes in many color varieties with hence you get one with funky shapes and in your favorite hue.

Leather Laptop Backpacks

Leather laptop backpacks are practical, functional and offer more storage compartment for other small items. They have an extra padding to guard the laptop, and the straps are made to distribute the weight and keep you comfortable. The leather material ensures the bag can handle friction. You may also see Rugged Backpack Designs

Leather Laptop Backpack for Men

leather laptop backpack for men

Leather Strap Backpacks

While you get a backpack made of polyester, cotton, PVC or nylon, always opt for straps made of leather. They are long lasting, adjustable and padded to sit comfortably on your back as well as distribute the weight. Hence, reduce the chances of you getting back pains.

Black Leather Strap Backpack

black leather strap backpack

Small Leather Backpacks

Small leather backpacks are perfect for carrying a few personal items such as keys, wallet, and a phone. They are ideal for going to work where you don’t need to bring your laptop or the grocery store to purchase your weekly shopping.

Trendy Small Leather Backpack

trendy small leather backpack


Studded Leather Backpacks

If you want a bag that highlights your punk lifestyle, then go for a studded leather backpack. The leather fabric will ensure you don’t throw away your backpack due to wear and tear. The studded metallic adds an interesting detail to the bag. You may also see Floral Backpack Designs

Tribal Studded Leather Backpack

tribal studded leather backpack

Leather Drawstring Backpacks

The popularity of drawstring backpacks continue to increase and those that incorporate leather materials will help you look fancy.  These bags provide easy access to your items when going to the gym or outdoor activities. You can also get a large size for traveling.

Breezy Leather Drawstring Backpack

brezzy leather drawstring backpack

Leather Travel Backpacks

When traveling you need a bag that will ensure all your items are safe from the constant friction and that is what you get by choosing a leather backpack. These bags will last a lifetime and ensure you carry all the necessary items. You may also see Backpack Handbag Designs

Leather Satchel Backpacks

Leather satchel backpacks feature a shoulder strap that you can use to convert this bag into a shoulder bag. They have more than one compartment that will organize your items and tend to have a briefcase design.

Red Leather Satchel Backpack

red leather satchel backpack

Leather Flap Backpacks

If you want to access your items at a faster pace, then opt for leather flap backpacks. You can get these bags in a small size that you can use for everyday commute or a large size which is suitable for hiking or going camping.

Black Leather Flap Backpack

black leather flap backpack


Distressed Leather Backpacks

Men who prefer faded fabrics should go for distressed leather backpacks. The distressed style prevents your bag from looking new. Instead, it gets a vintage design that eliminates the shiny new look.

Brown Distressed Leather Backpack

brown distressed leather backpack

Brown Leather Backpacks

To add more color to your outfits, go for brown leather backpacks. The color will camouflage dirt making these bags suitable for people with active lifestyles.

Small Brown Leather Backpack

small brown leather backpack

Leather Sling Backpacks

Similar to a messenger bag, leather sling backpacks incorporate a long strap for carrying on one shoulder. The simplicity of the bag makes them ideal for carrying simple accessories. You may also see Sling Backpack Designs

Leather Duffle Sling Backpack

leather duffle sling backpack

Leather Roll Top Backpacks

Be it for hiking or overnight camping, leather roll-top backpacks have easy to reach compartments to make it easier to access all your things. The top compression helps eliminate unneeded bulk.

Leather Roll Top Backpack for Men

leather roll top backpack for men

About Men and Women Backpack Trends

Backpacks are the timeless gear used by men and women to carry their personal things. They help balance the load weight and make it easier to carry many items in one bag. While most backpacks are unisex, women’s backpack tends to have a shorter torso, often feature numerous smaller compartments and come in vibrant colors. Men backpacks are designed to cater for their broad shoulders hence have cushioning on the back and straps to buffer the load.

Leather backpacks are durable making them popular with guys and ladies who want a long-term bag. They are easy to clean; come in various sizes and colors to meet different lifestyles. They complement many outfits and those for traveling or carrying a laptop have an extra cushion to keep everything safe from breakage.

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