A wallet is a men’s best friend only if it is decent and cool enough to hold on in the pockets. Hard earned money can’t be saved in a box or a bag all you need is a cool nice wallet. While buying a designer men’s wallet one has to look into the leather, designs, creasing, pleated corners and the turnover. Wallet trends are same as of fashion trends they just keep coming and going. You may also see Coach Wallet Designs for Men

Designer Chain Wallets for Men

Chain wallets look cool and comfortable for youngsters and for riders. Black designer wallet with a cool chain hooked makes it look trendy and the best pick. The bright colour and the texture design make the wallet more stylish. Apart from the cool look it also ensures to fulfil the contents of the wallet. Just hook the chain to the belt buckle and keep your wallet safe in the pockets.

Leather Chain Wallet for Men

Designer Leather Wallets for Men

Leather wallets are the best for business and professional use. They just showcase an elegant and simple look. Leather wallets are very comfortable to use and suits the best to rest in the pockets. Multiple card slot and coin pouch is well designed and doesn’t make the wallet look bulky and huge. You may also see Rugged Backpack Designs

Genuine Leather Wallet for Men

Slim Wallets for Men

Recently the slim wallets are used by most of the people as they are very comfortable to use and can be carried easily. Slim wallet can hold very less card and currency, the materials is made up of hard leather which makes it strong and durable.

Slim Leather Wallet for Men


Modern Wallets for Men

Modern wallets can be used for offices as well as for any casual outings, they are well suited for both the occasions. The wallets is designed from good leather with is very comfortable to use. The slots are well designed which can hold cards, currency and coins.

Men’s Western Wallet Designs

As the name indicates western wallets are suited for casual outings or parties. The wallet is available in leather, nylon and canvas material. The wallet is very simple and easy to carry all the card, coins and currency.

Men’s Bifold Western Wallet

Designer Money Clip Wallet Designs

A well designed wallet which can clip money, cards and ID which can be well organised in an easier way for users. The authentic style is well suited and comfortable for front pocket. When wallets are overfilled it looks very odd so avoid having any tapered papers popping out or any bended cards. These have special sections that reduces clutter.

Simple Money Clip Wallet for Men


Designer Travel Wallets for Men

Travel wallets are usually large in size so that they can hold tickets, passports, cards and other basic papers which are required. The wallet is equipped with a clip so that it prevents from misplacement and theft.

Men’s Designer Bifold Wallets

Bi fold wallets are most commonly used by men for daily use. They are very easy and comfortable to use. The texture and the colours available are also very simple and elegant. Bi fold wallets are available in leather, nylon and polyester material.

Luxury Bifold Wallet for Men

Tri Fold Wallets for Men

Tri fold wallets are available in various colours and designs which are well suited and matched for all occasions. The tri fold wallets are very spacious and well slotted to place cards, currency, photo and coins.

Tri Fold Chain Wallet for Men


Vintage Wallet Designs for Men

Vintage wallets are very stylish which are designed by expert craftsmen. This wallet can be carried while going to any parties which may be either formal or casual. It is comfortable and suited for the front as well as back pocket.

Men’s Passport Wallet Designs

Passport wallets are quite big which can hold passports, cards, currency, bills and other papers which can be folded. These wallets are meant to use while travelling for businessmen as they can hold all their important cards and other papers in it.

Men’s Passport Holder Wallet

Mini Wallet Designs for Men

Mini wallets are small in size and are specially meant to hold very less cards and currency. This wallet is well designed and contrasted with wide range of colours. The wallet can be used for daily purpose which can hold the basic cards which are used regularly.

Wallet is not a luggage bag so carry only what is necessary for the daily needs. All wallets are not the same the designer wallets are chosen by most of the men as they are suitable for all occasions. The tri fold and bi fold are the most commonly used wallets which are made of saddle leather or polyester.

What You Should Look For? Know the Latest Trends as Well as the Importance of Wallet.

While buying a stylish wallet one has to check out with the texture, colour and the pattern. Before buying a wallet check whether it goes with your style or not. Slim wallets are the best which fits into the pocket, a bulky one filled with card and currency looks odd when it is stuffed into the pockets. The current wallet trend includes with the Smartphone wallet, classic bi fold and front pocket wallet. When someone asks for your business card you must be quick enough to pick it up from the wallet.

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