Backpack handbags are a latest fad in the fashion world. Fashion fads may come and go, but some styles remain ethereal. One of the current trends in the handbags is the backpack handbags that are made and designed in the form of backpacks that are carried for travel purposes and also worn by kids to the school.

Simple Black Leather Back Bag

simple black handbag


Backpack designed handbags are among the favorites by many women. They are super cool and sporty. They represent a sporty sense of style which is pretty much unique and extra-ordinary. There are various colors, sizes, shapes, forms and designs in backpack handbags.

Colorful Handbag for Women

colorful handbag for women


Pretty Pink Back Bag for Teenagers

pretty pink handbag


Cool Blue Backpack Bag Design

beautiful handbag design



Stylish White Handbag for Women

white backpack handbag


Modern Backpack Handbag

designed backpack handbag


Canvas Drawstring Back Bag

canvas backpack handbag


Fashionable Backpack Bags Idea

long handbag for women


Red Handbag Design

red backpack handbag design


Some of the common colors in backpack designs are beige, camel, ash. They are also available in pretty pinks, peaches, turquoise and other designs. Floral patterns in backpack designs are making waves in the handbag designs. Floral prints are becoming increasingly popular nowadays.

Elegant Black Bag with Golden Zip Pattern

elegant handbag design


Simple and Cute Bag for Women

simple cute bag for women


Unique Medium Sized Backpack Bag

lovable leather handbag


Navy Blue Backpack Bag

blue backpack bag


Beautiful Women Backpack Handbag

women backpack handbag


Bright Yellow Backpack Bag

fashionable backpack bag


Backpack handbags are quite comfy and stylish. They are a fashionable form of bags that can be worn over the shoulders, just as a backpack! Isn’t it a cool idea, combining the professional looking backpack with a touch of style and modernity? Well, it is the hottest trend in the handbag world and one can flaunt it with much style and poise!

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