A sling backpack is basically a cross body bag with a teardrop shape that allows for easy access to your things when you are on the go. You can find it in many different designs and textures like the polka dot backpack or gym backpack that will help you carry stuff around with style. For today’s post, we have prepared a list of beautiful sling backpack designs that might help you choose the best one for you.

Leather Sling Backpack Design

leather sling backpack design

This red leather sling backpack has a vintage look that makes it perfect for everyday use. The teardrop shape allows for more storage space at the bottom of the bag while having extra storage with a front large pocket.

Sling Laptop Backpack

sling laptop backpack

This black backpack has padded interior which makes it ideal for carrying your laptop. Also, the sporty style of the cross body design allows for taking it with you to the gym or school. You may also see Backpack Handbag Designs

Small Sling Backpack

small sling backpack

This sling backpack is made of tan leather and has a single strap for cross body hanging. The opening is on the back with a zipper that runs down the length of the bag. A front pocket allows for more storage.

Sling Mesh Backpack

sling mesh backpack

Mesh looks perfect on sportswear. This sling backpack has mesh texture that allows you to take it to practice or to the gym. It also has a side water bottle pocket and a front smaller sized one for keys.

Camo Sling Backpack Design

camo sling backpack design

This backpack has military camo patterns makes it perfect for men. It has two front pockets for accessories and a middle compartment for storage. The shoulder strap is easily adjustable to any length for comfortable wear.

Sling Backpack for Kids

sling backpack for kids

A multicolored sling bag with cats and flowers make it a perfect gift for any girl. The round shape is stylish allowing for storage space while having an adjustable shoulder strap that can be used as the kid grows up.

Quilted Sling Backpack

quilted sling backpack

Quilted fabrics have a cute vintage look that is suitable for women. This one has a floral pattern that you can carry around with you all day. With proper care, you can have this bag for years.

Canvas Sling Backpack

canvas sling backpack

This tan colored canvas backpack is perfect for men. The leather details on the zippers create a sophisticated and masculine look for everyday use. You can take it with you for travels or to college.

Mens Sling Backpack

mens sling backpack

A brown leather sling backpack with black details. It’s suitable for men and has two front pockets for storage as well as a back pocket for keys. The shoulder strap is perfect for cross body hanging and it is fully adjustable.

Black Sling Backpack

black sling backpack

Trendy Sling Backpack Idea

trendy sling backpack idea

Unique Sling Backpack Design

unique sling backpack design

Stylish Sling Backpack for Men

stylish sling backpack for men

Vintage Sling Backpack

vintage sling backpack

Cute Sling Backpack Idea

cute sling backpack idea

Brown Leather Sling Backpack

brown leather sling backpack

Black Sling Backpack Idea

black sling backpack idea

Pretty Sling Backpack Design

pretty sling backpack design

For women, you can get a floral backpack while for men you should consider a leather one for a masculine look. They are available in many styles and textures allowing for many options, so get the sling bag that will help you on your outdoors activities with ease and style.

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