No matter if you are a pro or novice, any nail design you imagine is possible to materialize on your nails. Techniques like water marble is a good start for any swoosh or peacock coloring, but in this case, we stand for something way different. Wild nail design is best for longer nails, due bigger surface to work with. It is fierce and never a typical manicure.

Wild Gel Nail Design

wild gel nail design


Inflict the primer carefully in two or three strikes and while it is still wet, do the same pattern as shown in the photo. Make sure you use right tools and brushes which are very thin. Polish the nails and you are ready to go.

Wild Glitter Nail Art Idea

wild glitter nail art idea


This is probably wildest glitter nail design around. Its excellence comes from several different techniques which will provide you the best visual results. It is artistic and sexy no matter what.

Acrylic Wild Nail Design

acrylic wild nail design


For all these females who had misfortune to break or damage their natural nails going acrylic is savior of the day. There is nothing more important than to break monotony and symmetry with one or two different design which will do the great impact on appearance.

Wild Shellac Nails Idea

wild shellac nails idea


These are gorgeous nails! Two different ideas incorporated into one brilliant design. Lines and dots are in combination with animal patterns. You really need to get up, leave home and do something like this which will boost your day. This is not for beginner so start practicing water marbling today if you want astonishing results.

Colorful Wild Nails

colorful wild nails


Nails are so vivid. This brings new meaning to the saying ‘eye candy’. Animal prints go easy with cheerful backgrounds. One couldn’t ask for more. We love the gradual transition between two colors. This is interesting casual wear.

Wild Neon Nail Design

wild neon nail design


When it comes to a neon design, it is really one of the best ideas to try out animal prints. Zebra, leopard and tiger are favorite patterns of ours.

Wild French Tip Nail Art Design

wild french tip nail art design


French tip is best thing for ladies who prefer trousers. Go translucent at the main area of the nail and do the two colored French end. Brake monotony by incorporating some of the jaguar patterns and you can’t make a mistake. You may also see Paw Nail Designs

Simple Wild Nail Design

simple wild nail design


Crystal Wild Nails Idea

crystal wild nails idea


Cute Pink Wild Nails

cute pink wild nails


Wild Nail Art for Long Nails

wild nail art for long nails


Bright Colored Wild Nails

bright colored wild nails


Pretty Wild Nail Art

pretty wild nail art


Green and Black Wild Nails

green and black wild nails


Cute Bunny Nail Art Idea

cute bunny nail art idea


If you apply with precision and skill, glitter can actually create a glamorous effect on your nails.

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