As far as animal logos are concerned, the horse has few equals if any. As a symbol of speed, power and nobility, the horse logo has been a favorite of a wide range of companies including banks, automobile manufacturers, etc.

Horse Crest Logo

amazing castle crest logo design

Horse Moscot Logo

elegant horse logo design

Wild Horse Logo

pleasant colorful golden horse logo

The earliest known horse logo in Britain is the so-called “White Horse”, engraved in a hill near Uffington village, neighboring Oxford shire. This strange horse logo, measuring 374 feet from tail to nose is believed to have been in the place for over 3,000 years now. It was first cited in the medieval records alongside Stonehenge and it’s depicted as one of the wonders of Britain.

Steel Horse Logo Design

elegant steel horse logo design

Beautiful White Horse Logo

beautiful white horse logo

Racer Horse Logo

rebelious racer horse logo

The renowned rock star George Harrison identified his music products with a dark horse logo. The National Bank of New Zealand, which was founded in London as an overseas bank in 1872 adopted a black horse logo for its corporate identity.

Protees Logo Design For Business

creative horse logo for business

 Running Horse Logo

gentle running horse logo

Antique Horse Logo

antique horse logo

Creative Horse Logo Design

creative horse logo design

Horse Logo Idea

powerful horse logo for gyms

Khan Logo Design

furrious war horse logo design

Stunning Horse Logo For Sports

stunning horse logo for sports

 Horse Logo For Your Inspiration

colorful rebellious horse logo

 Inspirational Logo Design

cool horse logo design

White Horse Logo

stunning white horse logo

Painted Pony Logo Design

cool blue color horse logo for prodution company

Purple Horse Logo For Inspiration

pride horse logo for company

Brilliant Club Horse Logo Design

brilliant club horse logo design

Fire Horse Logo Design

striking fire flame horse logo design

Artistic Horse Logo Design for Companies

artistic horse logo design for companies

Spped Horse Logo For Clubs

ferrocious running race horse logo for clubs

 Flying Horse Logo Design

flying horse logo design

Today, the black horse logo can be seen in a wide range of items. Ferrari, one of the giant automobile manufacturers has been using the logo since its establishment in 1928. We can see the logo in the Ferrari branded merchandise including clothes, pens, pencils, eye wear, bicycles, etc. A white horse on a red background logo like that found in Kent flag is also quite popular.

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