Stretch Rings are nothing but rings that can be stretched because they are usually made of elastic. They can be worn with ease and fit any finger. Stretch designs are easy to find but what is different is the various designs; like flowers, birds or some other unique designs, that can be attached to the top of the stretch rings to make it look like the perfect ring.

We found some creatively well-formulated designs and here is a chance for you to even own any of these. Let’s see a different kind of stretch ring designs.

Stretch Pearl Ring

stretch pearl ring

Pearls look vintage even if they actually are not. They give out a very graceful and elegant look, especially as a ring. This stretchy ring made of pearls and a green big bead in between looks amazing.

Rhinestone Stretch Ring

rhinestone stretch ring

This is a gorgeous ring, no one can tell this a stretch ring. It has been designed that perfectly and wonderfully. The rhinestone is radiating and defines elegance from every angle. The stones encircled also look agile.

Animal Stretch Ring

animal stretch ring

This own stretch ring is for everyday use. You can wear this with jeans or even with a dress for brunch. It is plain with a rustic touch and small studs added to it. Also added are pearls, to the owl’s eyes. Perfectly designed ring with all the famous stones, right?

Stretch Wedding Ring

stretch wedding ring

This is a classic engagement ring for women. With the stretch rings, you don’t have to even worry about the perfect size and fitting. This ring is made of different crystals. The rhinestones will look lustrous from afar.

Flower Stretch Ring

flower stretch ring

This is a catchy and funky ring design. The flower covers even the stretch ring part of the design. All the attention is drawn to the flower that is a subtle pink. The stones on the petals make it look grand than usual. This is perfect for any special occasion you are going for.

Stretch Skull Ring

stretch skull ring

This is an eccentric design that is a skull with a crown. Something out of the box and well thought off right? To avoid the skull from looking too scary, cute little flowers are added to it and to make it look stylish, rhinestones of different color are placed on to it.

Stretch Snake Ring Design

stretch snake ring design

This is a red-eyed crystal snake that might get you little creepy but looks equally amazing. The crystals have a rustic look to it, which makes it look vintage. If you wear this to a party, people won’t stop looking.

Beaded Stretch Ring

beaded stretch ring

This is a simple stretch design that we see quite often. It has beads to cover up the stretch design and the flower in between that look like a starfish ring is very adorable to look at. The black gives it an elegant touch.

Butterfly Stretch Ring

butterfly stretch ring

This is not just a butterfly; this is a well-crafted and designed ring with a butterfly and flowers to give it an extra effect. The flowers are in different sizes and colors and make the butterfly look complete.

Stretch Cross Ring Model

stretch cross ring model

If you like wearing a cross on an everyday basis then this design is apt for you. The stretch ring will not make it uncomfortable for you and it is nicely designed as well. The color looks nice as well.

Running Horse Stretch Ring

running horse stretch ring

Crystal Stretch Ring Design

crystal stretch ring design

Gemstone Stretch Ring

gemstone stretch ring

Pretty Daisy Stretch Ring

pretty daisy stretch ring

Green Rhinestone Stretch Ring

green rhinestone stretch ring

Turquoise Stretch Ring

turquoise stretch ring

Silver and Black Stretch Ring

silver and black stretch ring

The best part about stretch ring design is that it doesn’t get too tight like the other rings. You can wear it with at most comfort at all times. The designs we came across are all very nicely done. They are all visually appealing and draws attention easily.

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