The packaging is an essential art which needs to be cultivated. Whatever the product be like, the packaging done in an authentic manner makes the brand stand out in the competitive arena

The graphical and print advantage in the 21st century enables outstanding packaging which lures the customers to buy the product. Some of the enchanting packaging trends one can look forward in 2016 includes:

1. The visual value enhancement


Packaging needs to be visually appealing and also have some great emotional connect to the target audience. Hence, digital aid has made a mass produced product become a hep thing which is high in demand just by the look and feel of the packaging.

2. The importance instilled to typography


The style of typography indeed is needed to be sketchy and colorful and also have a simple and comprehensible font style. Different punch lines on packaging is a unique addition of 2016 which is trendy and fashionable. Some common brand logo for brand identity can make the brand image stronger. This will keep the consumers attentively glued to the packaging details when they find such unique aspect to the packaging.

3. The patterns of geometry


The packaging can bear a triangular design or a circular one then being just plain and simple. This looks eye catchy and also one can open the imagination to fancy and quirky ideas when using shapes.

4. The Historical Inspiration

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The ads watched on TV for products of bygone times seem to leave an impression on the minds of the people. Especially the special characters which form the brand identity themselves can become the part of the package print. The customers seem to associate with the brand more and this increases brand loyalty too.

5. Abstract colors and patterns

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The inspiration for packaging can also culminate from artistic and absurd designs which can arise from the name of the product or any special quality of the product. When such packaged products are kept over the counter together, these possibly make a unique, elegant and shaded pattern.

6. Showcasing quality through authenticity

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The quality of the product seems to be much more when the packaging is sophisticated. The brand which is more often into B2B business is more into calibration of a packaging which is absolutely crafted in a manner which makes the brand looks committed to quality with prints of the products on the package.

7. Packaging focused on creating legacy

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The packaging which has focus on minute details, aesthetics and also showcases a brand story by means of visual charm definitely has a greater and stronger connection with the audience. The narrative can show the native place of manufacture of the product and the purity through its narratives.

8. Adding a human touch with handwritten typography


Over Digitization loses the human touch, hence the new era package trends are shifting to hand drawn logos and labels on the packaging. The innovative human mind can stretch from making tags which are charming and also attractive.

9. The durable and multipurpose package boxes


The fragile items definitely need to be packaged in a multi pack, sometimes in a wooden case. However, besides being durable the packaging needs to be presentable, reusable as also environment friendly and mobile for the customers once it is opened for keeping the other items required. Sometimes a nice paper box for food can become a nice plate.

10. Different colors for flavors

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The product flavor identification crisis can be overcome with packaging in different colors. This formulas have become a great successful packaging criteria for the new biggies in the corporate industry.

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