Today, we have a different but a very important post to share with you. If you relate closely to the creative graphical design platform, we are certain this post is going to benefit you adequately. Now, if you are hesitant and still unsure whether your passion is worthy of transforming into a professional career, we are enlisting the 10 top signs that will help you reveal whether the graphic designer is something that actually defines you.

1. Packaging Gets You More Excited Than the Product


Have you found yourself admiring the beauty of labels far more often than the usual? Or have you been pointed by your friends to stop gazing at the label and just put the box or can in the cart ? If your answer is yes, then congratulations you are packaging design enthusiast and appreciate and understand what makes the design stand out amongst all the others placed on the shelf in the store.

2. You Have a Knowledge About Different Fonts


If you understand the statement that font choice is important to reflect the true nature of design, and serifs and sans serifs hold an important presence in your life, then you are well a little close on the path of becoming a designer.

3. You Are Aware Of the Latest Color Trends


If you know the difference between orange and tangerine in the design you understand the importance of colour and its emphasis on the outcome. Trust us, there is nothing wrong with you if you are familiar with the endless options available just for the off-white.

4. Pinterest and Instagram

pin vs insta

We mean, who is not addictive to social media but the hidden designers love to create mood boards to spark creativity in unusual ways. If you find yourself experimenting with #typography tags on Instagram and stationery on Pinterest, then you should absolutely consider becoming a graphic designer.

5. You Look for the Design Features in Every App You Download


If you understand the wide world of UX- User Experience design and have a bundle of apps downloaded on your phone just for reviewing the well designed digital products, then if not a graphic designer what else would be the correct profession for you.

6. You Understand the Importance of Aesthetics


If aesthetics make sense to you and you understand the importance of visual clarity and the five core design principles- Balance, Repetition, Contrast, Alignment, Hierarchy, then you are already on the right path of understanding the work of a graphic designer.

7. Understanding the Importance of Branding


Branding is much more than a logo, if you know the dynamics of brand loyalty well your inner designer is already at work.

8. You are Already a Pro at Crafts and Handmade


If you enjoy the DIY projects thoroughly and love to get your hands dirty then you are definitely a creative at heart and enjoy the time spend in unwinding an adult colouring book. Being a designer always narrows down to the simple and classic principle of looking out of the box.

9. You Look Beyond the Usual


You see what others don’t and understand the hidden meaning in the popular logos. If you love asking your friends to find the hidden arrow in FedEx logo or the a to z sign in Amazon, well you have what it takes to understand the basics of design.

10. You Collect and Love to Learn


If you save the favourite card invitations and can’t convince yourself to throw that beautiful piece of packaging either in the form of perfume bottle or jewellery box then you appreciate creativity and in extension have the qualities of becoming a good designer.

If you gave a nod to all the points in the list, then maybe you should try your hand in becoming a graphic designer and come up with inspiring and unique designs for people to experience it.

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