Script fonts with their loops and swoosh hold the potential to make any text look more dressy and elaborate. If you have a number of artistic projects pending in the pipeline, we have the 10 best script fonts to give your modern digital calligraphy a creative and engaging upgrade.

1. Carolina


A handmade calligraphy font, Carolina is suitable for greeting cards, branding materials, business cards, quotes, posters, and other creative and artistic outlets. With a connective beginning and end, the font is also a great way to fill the empty space in the frame.

2. Samantha


A bold choice for a script style, the font is as beautiful as unique. Combining the calligraphy style, the brush script expresses an informal and romantic value with unequal spacing and extended ascenders and descenders in some letters.

3. Sweethearts


A thorough handwritten font, sweethearts is appropriate and suitable for logos, invitations, greeting cards and more. The crooked edges and shaken borders lend an organic and natural texture to the font.

4. Beloved


With a beautiful, bold and legible handwritten style, the font will largely complement any creative projects, invitation and wedding cards. The font with its distinct cursive style can also accentuate the beauty of water-based paints. The font offers multiple international language support, which makes it all the more suitable for creative design projects.

5. Sweetcase


A handmade typeface, the font takes its inspiration from hand-drawn lettering and vintage style. The font is best suited for a poster, logo, advertisements, branding and much more.

6. Houster


A hand-lettering script font, Houster is an elegant, modern calligraphy font designed specifically to impart a hand drawn or hand sketched effect to your work. The bold and varied style of letters make the font best suited for invitations, logos, labels, posters, merchandise products, etc.

7. Yoshiko


With a beautiful blend and balance of a hand brushed script and linear font, the font is ideal for product packaging, t-shirt, handwritten quotes, header and other elements and products of graphic design.

8. La Femme

la femme

If you are looking for a script font that renders a romantic look to the design, then La Femme is the best available option for a script font. The comfortable spacing and distinct clear letters make the font all the more appropriate for personal letters.

9. Billow


Billow is a bold and beautiful hand-lettered font that features a tonne of extras. The wavering bottom line, thin to fat characters, give the font a fun and stylish vibe. The casual aesthetics makes the font imperfectly perfect.

Compliment your design work with these unique and stylish script fonts that will certainly add a decorative value to your projects.

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