Well, love is in the air, so says the date, and if your personally designed card can reflect the same, there is nothing that can make you more attractive to your Valentine. Looking decorative with the swirls and swooshes, Valentine’s Day fonts present a very fancy value that can make any design look elaborate and special. In order to make your expression unique, we have today compiled a list of 10 Valentine’s Day fonts that will script your way into romance, (if you know what we mean ;).

Featherly Font Font

A beautiful handmade style font, the font will look good in greeting cards, wedding invitations and place cards. Modern and elegant, the feather font in a calligraphic style includes some foreign language glyphs, in turn, giving you plenty of liberty to experiment with the font.

featherly font font

Madina Script

A stunning and elegant font, Madina Script lends a handmade presence to the design and the bouncy curves and loops make the font perfect for making your invitations, cards, product packaging, headers stand out amongst others.

madina script1

Lovefern Font

With a connective and calligraphy style, the romantic font, Lovefern features a flowy and dancing baseline that can be added to the beginning and ends of all uppercase and lowercase letterforms.

lovefern font

Pretty Script Font

This whimsical and pretty font features a hand lettered style that is modern in its appeal. The font works best with open-type friendly applications. The total of 500 characters lets you choose from the innumerable stylistic alternates available.

pretty script font

Rosalinda Script Font

A handwritten style typeface, Rosalinda is a perfect typeface for wedding invitations, t-shirt design, logos, quotes design and personal cards. Cursive and legible, the font is clean and artistic in its appeal.

rosalinda script font

Velvetberries Script Font

A modern spin on the traditional style hand-lettered calligraphy, Velvet Berries is warm and inviting in its appeal. The font can be used throughout the seasons in weddings, showers, logos, holidays and more. Sweet and swirly, the font is definitely one of the creative ways to express your love.

velvetberries script font

Florabella Script Font

A new handmade script font, Florabella features an irregular baseline with rough edges, trendy look and harmony. The font will look exceptional on wedding invitations, thank you cards, quotes, greeting cards, logos, business cards and more

florabella script font

Unthrift Script Font

Unthrift is one personal style font that can be beautifully incorporated into the cards, invitations and quotes. The informal strokes lend a connective feature with the reader and the viewer.

unthrift script font

Vanessa Valentine Font

With complete sweet and cute hearts accentuating every letter, the font with its very first glance can literally express nothing but heartfelt love.

vanessa valentine font

Happy Valentine’s Day Font

If you are looking for something expressive and graphic, this Valentine’s day font is perfect to make things interesting and unique.

happy valentine’s day font

Download the font that best expresses your typographical love to your significant other.

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