It is not a new piece of news that calligraphy entails a decorative value but finding the right calligraphy font for your project can sometimes be a hard and cumbersome task. Whether you are looking for a calligraphy font to pair with the standard design elements or looking for a font that can simply add a modern sheen to your project, we have today compiled a list of 10 calligraphy fonts that are as impressive as captivating.

1. Allura


With a feminine, smooth and flowing style, the font carries a casual handwritten quality that along with being simple and legible is perfect for package design and display typeface.

2. Balqis


Balqis is a perfect font if you are looking to go a step ahead of formal without being too casual. The thick and thin strokes in the font lend a charming character to the style.

3. Blenda


Visual thick and jovial, the font is a perfect pick if you are looking to catch the attention of the viewer or a reader. The font will compliment and suit well as a header for an artistic project.

4. Sophia


This charming brush script font carries thick and thin strokes which will add a personal touch of character to your design. The font is perfect if you are looking to add an interactive and informal hand drawn effect to the design.

5. Cursif


This sleek, tall, narrow calligraphy font with its classic style can instantly inject elegance and refined charm to the design. The font also suits well with the short lines of the text.

6. Dr Sugiyama

dr sugiyama

Taking inspiration from early styles of hand lettering, the font holds the potential to bring an exotic feel to your project. The varied stroke widths make the font memorable and striking without complicating the overall artistic appearance of the design.

7. Euphoria Script

euphoria script

A casual and playful calligraphy font with disconnected letters make the font legible and clear. The font is best suited for titles and shorts lines in the text, especially the ones relating to food or fashion.

8. Give You Glory

give you glory

Appearing quirky and fun, the font carries the style of a real handwriting and the uneven edges and strokes give the font its texture and character. The font is best if you are looking to bring a personal value but are not sure to write it with your own handwriting.

9. Good Vibes

good vibes

An uneven handwritten font reflects on the beauty of imperfections with chunky strokes and rough outlines. The font will definitely make your work stand out from the crowd with its eye-catching and unconventional style.

10. Jenna Sue

jenna sue

This casual handwritten font carries clean and elegant strokes. The style makes the font look approachable and also reflect the personality and character that will work well any branding projects.

Download and use the style that best reflects your design and gives your work the much needed textual edge.

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