An effective and elaborate typography can make any design look remarkable and unique. Whether it is lettering, calligraphy, graffiti or standard typography style, the creative fonts can bring an artwork like presence to the overall design of the project. If you are looking for some typographic inspiration, we have today compiled a list of 10 fonts that will help you bring an edge to your artistic work.

1. Greenroom Festival 2017

greenroom festival 20171

This beautiful typography doesn’t just give the viewer an insight into the different shades and strokes but also creates an experience that will take you deep in the design with the help of the additional and supportive elements.

2. Surround Yourself with Good People and Black Coffee

surround yourself with good people and black coffee

Connective, illustrative and unique, the font with its simple and appealing feature gives the viewer a visual taste of coffee. The interlinked loops and fixed frame make you stay attentive to the font without being distracted by any other component.

3. Walk on the Wild Site

walk on the wild site

Duly complementing the name, the font carries a mix of styles in the width of the characters. The font with its varied set of strokes, makes the experience authentic and refreshing from the very first look.

4. Magic is Something You Make

magic is something you make

Bold, vibrant and beautiful, the illustrative font gives the viewer a punch of color packed with an appealing placement and impressive shadow work. The illustrative typography carries a feel good vibe that can make any design jovial and happy.

5. Learn from the Mistakes

learn from the mistakes1

Expressive and full of character, the lettering makes the quote all the more striking and unconventional. If you look closely there is minute dotted pattern spread across each letter which further adds the texture to the font style.

6. Art is Not What You See But What You Make Others See

art is not what you see but what you make others see

Featuring a lot of serifs, the pencil made lettering makes the design complex and at the same time sophisticated. Even though the words are compact you can still mark a difference between each word.

Carrying a calligraphy style, the font is beautiful and round in its appearance. All the characters and letters in the quote have nearly a similar height, which adds an unconscious symmetry to the design.

Impressive lettering and stunning textures make the font engaging as well as fun. The typography blends well with the nature of the quote.

7. Happy Mother’s Day-Lettering

happy mother’s day lettering

Casual, simple and warm, the font with its cursive and textural quality bring a sense of composure which puts the viewer at visual ease.

8. Creative Action Network

creative action network

Dramatic with the extended ascenders and descenders, the creative action network visually strings all the characters together with the long loops and swooshes.

Take a look through the above-mentioned designs and feel inspired to create something new and engrossing.

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