Cursive or script fonts with their soft and handwritten appeal express a warm and personal touch. And, if you are someone who works in a creative field, you would know the significant presence and impact of original and imaginative typography. If you are looking for a fresh and sophisticated cursive font that will enhance the beauty of your project, these 10 examples will provide you with the best inspiration.

1. King Basil

king basil

King Basil is one of the very beautiful font designs from Missy Meyer. The font is free to download for both commercial and personal use. With its distinct style and bold letters, the font is great for a variety of print and digital projects, including stationery, posters, logo designs and more.

2. Variane Script


The font created by Boy Moch Tomi carries the visual closeness to the classic days when the style had just originated. The complexity makes the design unique and one of the best picks to express the artistic value of your projects.

3. Debby


Not exactly cursive but this hand-drawn brush type adds a natural touch to your design. The font with its smooth and bouncy characters makes it an ideal choice for wedding invitations, poster and logos for greeting cards.

4. Allura


One of the most legible cursive fonts, Allura is the member of the Allura Pro family. The font is designed by Rob Leuschke, the font is a great option to use on invitations or displays.

5. Honey Script


The beautiful and whimsical script font was designed by Dieter Steffmann, a typesetter turned amateur designer. The designer’s fonts are distributed freely by approved websites as a part of the philosophy that fonts are a part of cultural heritage. The hand drawn appearance with simple line and connective letters make the font subtle and impressive.

6. Little Days

little boy

The cursive font, Little Days is designed by West Wind Fonts. The font with its young presence makes it unfit for professional or serious use, but the font carries that sweet and innocent vibe which makes it appealing for more personal use.

7. Christopher Hand


This handwritten cursive font designed by El Stinger carries the visual ease with the letterforms. The font with its relaxed style is a perfect pick for the DIY projects. Just a heads up, the font would require you to put some effort to kern the pairs together.

8. Fancier Script

fancier script

Fancier Script is an artistic and appealing font style designed by jess Latham. The font takes its inspiration from vintage sign painters and it comes with fully customisable options for different layouts.

9. Hummingbird

humming bird

Hummingbird is a sensual and cursive font style with interesting loops overlapping the adjacent letters. The font carries that old-fashioned cursive style with unique contextual alternatives.

10. Remachine Script


The Remachine Script designed by Mans Greback is a stylish cursive font perfect for layouts that are tight spaced. The letters in the font while maintaining close spacing also carry a bold, compact and neat look.

Add a swoosh and loop to your creative pieces with these amazing script fonts.

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