With October completing its half stretch, the growing excitement for the much anticipated spooky celebration, Halloween is fast catching on. From Halloween decorations to Halloween party solicitations to Halloween cards, pamphlets and publications there is so much stuff that goes into organising a perfect eve that we can sometimes run out of styles and ideas.

Well, in case you are getting ready for a fabulous Halloween, check out these text styles! These 10 fun and frightful Halloween fonts will serve you just the right inspiration.

1. Black Widow Font

black widow font

The font is designed with a perfect spider’s web adjusted creatively across each letter. It is for sure one of the closest and uncanny designs to incorporate in your Halloween material this season.

2. Horror Hotel Font

horror hotel font

This Halloween font is relatively narrow and best for the material and text that doesn’t stretch over two or three lines. Experiment with the font by adding complementary colors that make the design pop through with its style and intensity.

3. October Crow Font

october crow font

The font carries the hand-lettered texture that gives you an instant Halloween connect. The appearance and the feel of the font can definitely convert any casual text into an impressive Halloween feature. The inventor had created the font while watching The Crow on Devil’s Night, hence the name and the visual appeal.

4. Death Branch Font

death branch font

With the thorned outer layer, each letter in this Death Branch font carries the roughness and texture of Halloween.

5. My Imaginary Friend Font

my imaginary friend

Created with the literal translation of the name, the font carries the casual strokes that are unruly on the edges. With a separate spacing between each letter, the font projects a handwritten style that is easy and effortless.

6. Bloodthirsty Font


If you are looking for a font that can be used in the banner, this font is definitely the best pick. With the illusion and appearance of blood dripping from each letter, the font is distinctive and, through all means and sources, very Halloweeny.

7. Gypsy Curse Font

gypsy curse font

Another movie inspired font, Gypsy curse was hand-lettered while watching ‘Lord of Illusions’. The font takes its inspiration from horror movie posters of the mid-20th century.

8. Zilap Horror Font


This font is a perfect fit for usage in flyers, posters or other Halloween events and concerts that are unusual and edgy.

9. Nemo Nightmares Font

nemo nightmares font

Artistic in its appearance, the font carries the best visual of shaken letters blended with the touch of ink splatter and miniature skulls used in place of the title above the letters i and j.

10. You Murderer BB Font


This font was created by dipping the fingers in runny ink and then written on sheets of bristol board. The font perfectly symbolises someone’s dying message written in blood. There are also handprints hidden in the creative font.

Choose the font that best suits your Halloween celebration and add that extra touch of authenticity with class.

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