When you are throwing a Halloween party, or creepily themed party or event, scary fonts are one of the most important additions in order to add a horror theme to the event. In this list, we have put together some of the best designs for scary fonts for banners, invitations, and other various decorative elements in order to create the best horror theme for your event or party, as well as for a variety of zombie or witchy themed projects.

Halloween Font

halloween font

This Halloween horror font uses the design of splintered and twisted wood to create this scary design, the colors of which are totally customizable to your project. This font is perfect for Halloween parties as an invitation font and decoration font.

Scribble Halloween Font

scribble halloween font

This handwritten font creates a witchy theme to many events because it looks as though the font has been written in a rush, adding an ominous feel to any invitation or party decoration element.

Monster Halloween Font

monster halloween font

This font is another scary font that adds a witchy or zombie theme to any Halloween party element, as the black writing looks as though it has been shattered then put back together.

Scary Halloween Font

scary halloween font1

This scary Halloween font is a bold black typeface that looks as though it has been melting. This font is ideal for Halloween party invitation designs, banners, decorations, and many other options to create a scary theme.

Dreadful Font

dreadful font

This font is a bold, striking font, which uses red and yellow to create a shattered effect within the letters. This font is ideal for party invitations, advertisements, or even as a horror film’s title and credit sequence.

Halloween Brew Font

halloween brew font

This font is a very witchy themed font to create a scary Halloween feel. The font uses a witch brewing at a cauldron, with each letter being printed in white on the black cauldron. This font is the perfect font for creating a witchy themed Halloween event.

Horror Font

horror font

This horror font is a bold font with shaky edges and has a range of colors in order to customize the font for your project. It is perfect for vintage styled Halloween parties, horror movie themed parties, or for a vintage horror film.

Dissonant Font

dissonant font

This font is a simple black lettering with a handwritten feel as if it was written in a rush, which gives the font a scary element. It can be used for invitations, cards, decorations, and many other projects to create a scary theme.

Halloweeneis Font

halloweeneis font

This font uses images of a black cat, a typical scary and superstitious symbol, in order to create a range of images, rather than letters. These images can be used as embellishments on many different decorations and projects.

Halloween Kitten Font

halloween kitten font

Bloodthirsty Font

bloodthirsty font

Halloween Doodle Font

halloween doodle font

Vintage Halloween Font

vintage halloween font

Vampire Font

vampire font

Halloween Dingbat Fonts

halloween dingbat fonts

Spooky Halloween Font

spooky halloween font

Halloween Party Font

halloween party font

Evilz Font

evilz font

Zombie Font


Vampire Kiss Font

vampire kiss font

Ghost Reverie Font

ghost reverie font

Disney Halloween Font

disney halloween font1

We hope this list has provided you with the best options and some inspiration to find the best scary fonts for your project or event. This list has some of the best fonts to customize and add to your project and design elements in order to create a true horror theme.

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