Harry Potter is one of the most widely sold fantasy novels in the world by J.K Rowling and one of the most successful novel to movie franchises. The book covers and the chapters in the books had some very iconic fonts that represented the magical world or Harry Potter. These fonts have since been a fascination for many and used by fans world over for their uniqueness and quirky magical element!

Movie Style Harry Potter Font

movie style harry potter font


Happy Birthday Text in Harry Potter font

happy birthday in harry potter font


Harry Potter Red Rooster Collection

harry potter red rooster collection

New Style for Harry Potter Font

harry potter font for new style

Magic School Font for Harry Potter

magic school font for harry potter

Harry Potter Font for Letters

harry potter font

Harry Potter Font Machine Embroidery

harry potter font machine embroidery


The Harry Potter fonts provide a surreal look and feel to them and represent a magical side of things. It is commonly used to grab attention and create a fascinating and captivating effect for the reader. Very often used as a common font for web designs that are based for children and young teens who are fans of the series.

It is also a very common font used during festivities like Halloween and Christmas as these are based on magical and fun elements. Harry Potter fonts are distinctly perceivable and provide a very unmistakable effect of magic and surrealism and so are very popular hipster fonts among designers today.

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