Creating a tattoo is an exciting experience, and playing around with lots of different ideas can help you to find the design that you love. If you are designing a tattoo that incorporates writing then getting the right font to create the design is very important. This article has put together some beautiful tattoo font designs for you to play around with and take inspiration from so that you can create the perfect tattoo for you.

Cursive Tattoo Fonts

This tattoo font is an elegant font that takes inspiration from Victorian cursive fonts. This font is ideal for tattoos that incorporate names and dates, as it gives an element and timeless feel to the tattoo for a beautiful finish.

Girly Cursive Tattoo Font

girly cursive tattoo fonts

Cursive Script Tattoo Font

cursive script tattoo fonts

Tattoo Lettering Fonts

This tattoo-lettering font is an old-style, bold, typeface font, which is perfect for a more bold and striking tattoo design. This tattoo design can be used for many different purposes in order to create a beautifully eye catching design.

Tattoo Script Lettering Font

tattoo script lettering font

Cursive Tattoo Lettering Font

cursive tattoo lettering font

Script Tattoo Fonts

This script tattoo font is a hand written font design that creates an artistic and heart felt design to a tattoo. This font is perfect for sentimental tattoos to help remember people and dates.

Fancy Script Tattoo Font

fancy script tattoo font

Handwriting Script Tattoo Font

handwriting script tattoo font

Script Calligraphy Tattoo Font

script calligraphy tattoo font

Traditional Tattoo Fonts

This tattoo font is a black and white design of the traditional font usually associated with sailors. This design is perfect for a more traditional or old-fashioned tattoo design, as it is simple yet eye catching.

Traditional Cursive Tattoo Font

traditional cursive tattoo font

Traditional Tattoo Script Font

traditional script font

Calligraphy Tattoo Fonts

This font is a simple and casual calligraphy fonts in a hand written style. This is a very feminine font, and could be used for quotes, names, or dates, in order to make a memorable tattoo.

Cursive Calligraphy Tattoo Fonts

cursive calligraphy tattoo fonts

Fancy Calligraphy Tattoo Font

fancy calligraphy tattoo font

Bold Tattoo Fonts

This font is a collection of bold, black lettering that is perfect for a striking and eye catching statement tattoo. The design uses all capital letters to create this daring but stunning design.

Bold Script Tattoo Font

bold script tattoo font

Bold Italic Tattoo Font

bold italic tattoo font

Gothic Tattoo Fonts

This gothic tattoo font is created from the complete gothic alphabet, and each letter is plain black with some embellishments available if you want a more intricate tattoo. This font is perfect for a bold, statement tattoo, as it is elegant yet striking.

German Gothic Tattoo Font

german gothic tattoo font

Cursive Gothic Tattoo Font

cursive gothic tattoo font

Tribal Tattoo Fonts

This tribal tattoo font is a simple black font in a hand written style, with some spiked embellishments. Thee letters are available in capitals, and there are also numbers and some punctuation available. This tribal font is perfect for a different style of tattoo

Tribal Script Tattoo Font

tribal script tattoo font

Tribal Lettering Tattoo Font

tribal lettering tattoo font

Vintage Tattoo Fonts

This tattoo font takes inspiration form vintage sailor tattoos, as it is simple black lines with some flicked edges and embellishments. The font is available in all letters, numbers, and most punctuation. This font is perfect for a simple style of tattoo.

Vintage Lettering Tattoo Font

vintage tattoo fonts

AZ Vintage Tattoo Font

az vintage tattoo font

Tattoo Number Fonts

This number font is perfect for bold tattoos, as it is created from large black letters. These letters are perfect for dates and additions to any tattoo in order to give it a bold finish.

Tattoo Cursive Number Font

tattoo cursive number font

Traditional Tattoo Number Font

traditional tattoo number font

Celtic Tattoo Fonts

This set of fonts is all of the Celtic fonts that are most popular in use today. These fonts are in green, but can be changed to fit the colour of your choice. These fonts are ideal for any Celtic themed tattoo for Irish people, or those who just love the Irish.

Celtic Tattoo Writing Font

celtic tattoo writing font

Sailor Tattoo Fonts

This font is a beautiful design that takes inspiration from old-fashioned sailor fonts that were popular in the 18th Century. This design is a simple blue outline with half of the letter coloured in, and it is perfect for an old fashioned style of tattoo.

Sailor Tattoo Lettering Font

sailor tattoo lettering font

Sailor Script Tattoo Font

sailor script tattoo font

Modern Tattoo Fonts

This tattoo font is a simple black handwritten font that offers plenty opportunities to create a stunning tattoo. This font can be used in quotes or sayings, or simple and charming, one word tattoo designs.

Modern Tattoo Script Font

modern tattoo script fonts

Modern Traditional Tattoo Font

modern traditional tattoo font

Disney Tattoo Fonts

This tattoo design is the Walt Disney cursive script, which is highly recognisable. This font is perfect for Disney and child themed tattoo designs, as it is a recognisable and cute tattoo font to bring you back to your childhood.

Walt Disney Tattoo Font

walt disney tattoo font

Fancy Tattoo Fonts

This tattoo font is a beautiful and elegant font that takes inspiration from other cursive fonts. This font can be used in dates, quotes, and other one-word tattoo designs to create a gorgeous tattoo design.

Fancy Writing Tattoo Font

fancy writing tattoo font

Girly Tattoo Fonts

This tattoo font design is an elaborate cursive font with extra embellishments, such as stars, flowers, and butterflies. This font is perfect for an elaborate tattoo of a name or memory.

Girly Cursive Tattoo Font

girly cursive tattoo font

Girly Script Tattoo Font

girly script tattoo font

Graffiti Tattoo Fonts

This tattoo font is styled on hand drawn graffiti, and is a simple grey lettering style. The colour of this font can be changed to fit your own design and is perfect for a punk styled tattoo design.

Graffiti Script Tattoo Font

graffiti script tattoo font

Initial Tattoo Fonts

This tattoo font design is an intricate design of capital letters with twisting embellishments that will create a beautiful tattoo, perfect for initials, names, monograms, and other designs.

Initial Tattoo Lettering Font

initial tattoo lettering font

There are so many different types of fonts for different tattoos, from cursive fonts to graffiti fonts, but with this list we are confident that you will be able to find the font that will fit perfectly into the design and feel of your tattoo so that you will love looking at it every day.

How are tattoo fonts used?

Tattoo fonts are used in a variety of different ways. They can be incorporated into the design of the main body of the tattoo, or they can be a small embellishment to give the tattoo design the finishing touch that it needs.

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