Want to add some designer style to all your projects? If yes, then you will find fancy fonts quite helpful. Fancy fonts are fonts that come with some ingenious artistic styles such as bullet holes, curved strokes, jagged edges etc. Fancy typeface features a number of font styles including curly, groovy, distorted, broken, eroded, esoteric, etc. Ideally, these fonts are used for decorative purposes due to their relatively reduced legibility. For this reason, they are often avoided in some formal documents and presentations including letters, resumes, etc. We have shared 10 popular fancy fonts that you can find quite inspiring.

Fancy Feminine Font

fancy faminine font

If you are working on a feminine themed project, then you can find this set of fonts really helpful. The elegance that these beautiful fonts can give your projects is remarkable. It is a great way of embellishing your projects.

All Caps Fancy Font

all caps fancy font

This is a great set of fancy fonts to use if you want to give your designs a more poetic and unique touch. The three weights of this typography can be enhanced with three weights of two options fancy glyphs for each letter.

Chocolate Dealer Font

chocolate dealer font1

We all love chocolate. This is the impression created by this font. And, the impression appears completely captivating . This font is just perfect for use in your chocolate related design.

Bold Fancy Font

bold fancy font

This artistic, old-fashioned printing press typeface is ideal for titling headlines in your vintage projects. It comes in upper case only but with two versions, normal and outlines shadow. Using the two together gives your projects a true ‘out of register’ printing effect.

Fancy Curly Font

fancy curly fonts

This font, that draws its inspiration from Gallia, comes with an impressive retro touch.

Fancy Tattoo Font

fancy tattoo fonts

The sketchy element that these fonts come with gives them a really fancy look. The letters look really nice and are likely to make your projects stand out .

Regular Vintage Font

regular vintage font

This fantastic headliner-filled typeface comes with remarkable fancifulness. It’s ideal for use in your assorted designs including web graphics, signs, logos, game graphics, posters, T-shirts, etc.

Elegant Fancy Font

elegant fancy font

These fonts come with spectacular complexity and an impressive  touch that will leave your projects with a striking look. You are likely to find these gorgeous letters really useful in all sorts of design works.

Aint Nothing Fancy Font

aint nothing fancy font

Inspired by the old-fashioned signage, these fonts are designed with more subtle, bold and lively shapes. The fonts feature four-layered system with a shadowy base that strengthens the font’s structure display. This is a really great font that will fit with your hand-made signage or poster designs.

Fancy Tattoo Script Font

fancy tattoo script font

This sans serif inspired type family font has typefaces designed after the classic geometric construction that has a descender that is roughly proportioned with the basic letter shape. These fonts have a soft and sophisticated look.

Decorative Fancy Font

decorative fancy font1

Fancy Card Text Font

fancy card text font

Fancy Wood Font

fancy wood font

Fancy Footwork Font

fancy footwork font

With all said, fancy fonts are real fun playing with, and they can be the best way of creating attention for your projects in the most positive manner possible. Fancy fonts come with remarkable features that you can easily experiment with. This leaves you with vast possibilities of altering and varying the dimensions, color and calligraphic combinations with these kinds of fonts. With these fonts, you can create simple as well as very intricate projects. It is our hope that you have found these fonts really inspiring. Go ahead and create great designs with these fonts.

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