You might not see fancy fonts in formal documents, you will surely see them in projects that require some level of artistic charm. These font designs make for stunning lettering that comes in different styles with curvy lines, edgy ends and stunning forms that can simply add style to every project. In today’s post, we are going to give you a collection of fancy font designs that is going to help you in your upcoming projects. You may also see Fancy Cursive Fonts

Fancy Cursive Fonts

Cursive fonts have a very soft look with touches of elegance. Their fancifulness creates a stunning design that you can incorporate in logos, invitations, web sites and blogs with style. You may also see Fancy Cursive Script Fonts

Fancy Regular Cursive Font

fancy regular cursive fonts

Fancy Tattoo Fonts

Tattoos need something elaborate like the fancy fonts in order to give a startling outlook as a whole. These are suitable for both men and women and most tattoo designs. You may also see Tattoo Fonts

Vintage Fancy Tattoo Font

vintage fancy tattoo fonts

Fancy Script Fonts

Fancy script fonts can give you a bold design through their various curves and lines. They are ideal fonts for posters, logos, greeting cards and invitations that require extra character.

Fancy Bold Script Font

fancy bold script font

Fancy Letter Fonts

From grunge designs to elegant calligraphy the fancy designs have incredible letter fonts that can make projects like invitations, book covers and advertising look polished and put together with style.

Fancy Calligraphy Letter Font

fancy calligraphy letter font

Fancy Calligraphy Fonts

In calligraphy, the fancy letters have a unique design that adds a handmade feeling to any project. You can use these designs in correspondence, logos, web sites and invitation cards. You may also see Calligraphy Fonts

Fancy Curly Calligraphy Font

fancy curly calligraphy font

Vintage Fancy Fonts

Vintage designs can give you a beautiful style with startling decorative elements in almost every letter design. These are suitable for magazines, logos, greeting cards and invitations with classic looks.

Vintage Fancy Typeface Font

vintage fancy typeface font

Fancy Number Fonts

Fancy numbers get a creative makeover through a startling design. You will find every font type you choose with a full set of numbers that will complete your project designs.

Simple Fancy Number Font

simple fancy number font

Fancy Handwriting Fonts

Handwriting fonts are able to give you a handmade look. You can use this for many designs like logos, posters, flyers and book covers in order to add extra personality.

Fancy Regular Handwriting Font

fancy regular handwriting font

Fancy Love Fonts

Fancy love fonts are able to give a romantic touch to greeting cards, posters and other projects. They have curvy looks that add style to a design as well as character.

Fancy Swirl Love Font

fancy swirl love font

Fancy Typography Fonts

Typography has its own font designs that when mixed with the fancy fonts you can get excellence. These fancy designs are suitable for posters, logos and greeting cards designs. You may also see Typography Design Fonts

Fancy Hand Drawn Typography Font

fancy hand drawn typography font

In general, these designs are sure to give you a stylish look. You can choose among various designs that are part of the fancy designs like the cursive fonts adding a soft look to the projects. In any case, feel free to check them all out and choose the best.

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