Fashion is a popular practice of style in clothing, accessories, footwear, makeup, furniture, and even body. It is a habitual trend that is often distinctive as the style depends on the person. Fashion prevails style in the latest collections of designers as all aspects of it can be masculine, feminine, and sometimes androgynous. As patterns, colors, and textiles change every year, four of the major capitals of fashion includes Paris, London, Milan, and New York City. As Paris is considered as the center of Fashion, designers such as Yves Saint-Laurent and Coco Chanel are the top of the major successors of the country. Read More

What are the influences of fashion?

Fashion trends are strongly influenced by factors that include economic, political, technological, and social. Technology plays a strong role as its influence is becoming more apparent in the fashion industry. With new developments and advances creating and shaping future trends, wearable technology such as 3D printed technology, smart fabrics, and garments constructed with solar panels enhance comfort for the wearer. Social media also plays a strong influence as style bloggers and celebrities are constantly being watched for new trends and style.

What are the types of styles in fashion?

One of the most popular styles of fashion is the chic style. People favor this style due to its stylish and classic designs that look smart and striking. Chic style is often tailored and clean looking. Classic style focus on quality garments that also express comfort. This style focuses on clean lines and a formal balance that expresses comfort.

Bohemian style is highly similar to the artistic style. However, it focuses on exotic textures and patterns. The flamboyant style is often associated as dramatic as it is more outgoing and energetic with style. This style is often exaggerated with fringe, asymmetrical and splashy.

Glamorous style involved refined drama with a subtle allure. The style of the apparel is rich in deep colors and never complete without silk, satin, and diamonds. The Romantic style often includes hearts, ruffles, flowers, soft fabrics, and flouncing with gentle lines and accessories.

What kind of fashion should I consider?

For people with a sophisticated style, choose classic and chic styles for high quality and culture polish. For the sexy look, sexy fashion often shows the maximum exposure of the body and is flirtatious with tight fitting tops, skirts, short, and heels. For the western style, think cowboy or rodeo theme with denim jackets, blue jeans, fringe, and leather.

For the traditional look, go for the “girl next door” style with plaid, flannels collars, or a pea coat. This style is for those who prefer the classic little black dress to suit any occasion.

Fashion is completely transparent as it is fun, dramatic and never dies. Go trendy with the latest up-to-date trends here on Design Trends to make sure you’re set on the latest fashion trends.