When we talk about fashion, it is something that undergoes a lot of changes constantly since people experiment a lot on it to see which getup looks good on people. When these become popular among consumers, then it is called a trend, and will most likely be the preferred choice of clothing by those who enjoy following these fashion trends. Every year, there are certain trends in fashion that come and then go, wherein what may be a fashion trend now won’t be one in the following year, but there are also some trends that have always been trendy ever since it was first introduced to the public. If you want, you may check out some highlights from the New York Fashion Week earlier this year.

Sometimes, these fashion trends may even change depending on the season, which seems appropriate considering the different temperatures in the environment in every season. A piece of clothing intended for the winter season, such as a woolen sweater or an insulated jacket, may be worn during summer but is strongly discouraged because it will surely give a lot of discomfort to the wearer. Likewise, a light-fabric t-shirt and shorts can never be worn during the winter season since it may risk the wearer to suffer from hypothermia.

On this page, we have listed down the trendiest fashion pieces for men which are appropriate for the summer season, and we will also be mentioning what piece of clothing should be paired to another piece to guide you on the mixing and matching. These pieces have been organized according to tops, bottoms, and footwear to make this article easier for you to read. So now, the question is, do you want to go with the trend or not? If you do, then go through our list below to see what type of clothing and accessories are popular this summer season, you might even want to see which trends are new and which ones have been carried on from the last season by checking out our list of spring 2017 fashion trends.

Upper Clothing (Shirts)

Simple, Light-colored Button-Up Shirts

During the summer season, you would want to keep yourself away from any dark-colored shirts since these tend to attract heat from the sun, thus makes you feel warmer than you need to. Because of this, regardless if you want to go with long or short-length sleeves, it is strongly recommended that during summer, you would go with light or pastel-colored shirts to keep your body cool and prevent the heat from the sun from getting absorbed into the fabric. Here are a few good examples of those kinds of shirts.


The white color will always be the best bet when it comes to long-sleeved button-up shirts since it can be paired with any kind of pants and with any color as well. If you choose to go with a printed shirt, make sure the print isn’t too big that it may become too overwhelming. The size of the square patterns shown on the middle picture above are just enough to create a textured feel to the shirt, which gives it a level of stylishness. On the right picture is a blue-colored shirt, which goes well with dark blue or black pants, and this can also be worn both as a formal and casual attire.


For short-sleeved shirts, the same “rules” still apply, which suggests that light-colored shirts or those that are not too heavy on prints and patterns are the best picks for the season. For formal events, you may wear this kind of shirt as it is, or you may also wear a suit jacket over it and add a necktie if you want to go full formal, just be careful when mixing and matching the colors if you wish to use a different-colored suit jacket other than just black.


Aside from just being called “another kind of short-sleeved button-up” shirts, these are also referred to as Cuban, Cabana, or open collar shirts. These are almost as similar as most button-up shirts with the only difference is that it doesn’t have a button near the neck area. These shirts can be worn casually and combined with simple denim pants or even chinos, and then a pair of sandals or dark-colored shoes to complete the look. Even though St. Patrick’s day has already passed, you may refer to this guide on the fashionable ways to wearing green.


Cuban collared shirts are probably the easiest go-to shirt since they are not too formal, but are also not too casual. There is a certain middle ground wherein these type of shirts can be worn when going to the malls, to parties, or any formal event, and you won’t have to worry about not dressing for the occasion.

Pastel-colored Polo Shirts

Polo shirts are probably the most casual variant of collared upper clothing, because it is just as similar to regular t-shirts, with the only difference being the collar and at least two to three buttons below it. Most polo shirts are made with cotton material, which makes it soft and comfortable to wear, and usually have little to no print at all since this kind of shirt is targeted more towards people who prefer a slightly formal clothing.


While these shirts are commonly found worn by golfers and some athletes, these can also be worn during regular or casual outdoor activities. Polo shirts are versatile, they go well with jeans, chinos, and even slacks for a more formal look. Once again, since summer is the warmest season of the year, it is strongly recommended to go with light-colored polo shirts to keep yourself feeling cool and comfortable all-day long.

Pink Shirts

Whoever said that pink can only be pulled off by women? If you want to talk about being outdated, the statement saying that men will never look good in pink is the only thing that is outdated. We may even agree to those who say that “real men wear pink”. In today’s generation, pink is already considered a color that both men and women can enjoy, and the same thing can be said when it comes to fashion.


A pink t-shirt on a warm summer day? Why not? The more the color becomes vibrant when exposed to sunlight, and the heat won’t even stick to the fabric, which is something you would want from a clothing to keep yourself comfortable. And at night, the color of the shirt may not glow in the dark, but it can make you stand out from a crowd simply because of the color.


A pink, button-up shirt may look just as good as a pink t-shirt, but more formal. Look for those with minimal or no printed fashion label designs because these shirts look best when simple. If you want to look a bit more casual while wearing this kind of shirt, simply roll up the sleeves at least up to your forearm and pair this with some denim or any dark-colored pants for a contrast in the color. If you wish to add another layer of clothing over this, then you may go with either a brown or a black jacket.

Lower Clothing/Apparel (Pants, Shoes)

Light-colored Jeans

It makes perfect sense that the summer season is about light-colored clothing, and this is not only for looking good during the season, it is also for the comfort of the wearer. Since we have already shown you some of the trends in upper clothing for summer, we will now be showing a list of the most sought after styles in pants and footwear.


Why would you want to sacrifice the comfort of your lower extremities when going outdoors by wearing dark pants? Denim already has the tendency to suck in heat, which is why many people avoid wearing jeans during a hot season, but with light-colored denims, it minimizes the pants’ capacity to carry in heat, which helps promote comfort to the wearer. Most people would recommend going for a real light-colored denim pants and not those that are acid-washed since those have a rather thick material which is also heat-absorbent, and acid-washed jeans are also a bit outdated already.

Slim Fit Jeans


Now this one is purely based on the style and not on the level of comfort. Gone are the days when loose pants were a trend among male adolescents and adults, and say hello to slim fit pants that places more emphasis on men’s lower extremities. Baggy pants only became popular because of the influence brought about by hip-hop musicians, but even these they don’t wear loose clothing anymore. And since slim-fit pants emphasizes the legs, it will really count when we say “never skip leg day”. For women, you may also want to check out our list of fashion accessory trends for 2017.


Chinos are without a doubt becoming more and more popular every time, and it will not be surprising enough to hear that this kind of pants are a trend during the summer season. Chinos are lightweight pants that are made of cotton, and are obviously very comfortable to wear regardless of the season.


Chinos actually brings us back to the mid-1900’s, when chino fabric was used to make military uniforms for the British and French soldiers. It started to become popular in the United States when war veterans from the Spanish-American war returned home to their country wearing these trousers, and from then, it gained recognition from all over the world. Chinos come in various colors, but for this summer, the trendiest colors to go with include gray, dark blue, and even salmon pink. See if chinos will continue to be a trend at the end of the year by checking out our list of fall to winter fashion trends for 2017.

Navy Blue to Black Shorts

Shorts are the most comfortable pieces of clothing to wear during the hot summer season, and it can be worn almost anywhere: at home, outdoors, even at the beach. And to keep yourself from being left behind in fashion, we will be showing you a list of the most recommended styles for shorts. First up, dark-colored shorts.



Yes, yes, yes. You may be asking “why dark-colored shorts”? Which is quite contradicting to our previous statements that summer is all about light-colored fabric. Shorts, for one thing, are already comfortable as it is, regardless of its color – because they are, well, short. So when we say that dark-colored shorts are a thing today, it is more of a fashion statement wherein it contrasts to the light-colored shirts that we have been mentioning earlier on this article. If you’re planning on organizing a fashion event, check out our list of downloadable fashion event flyer designs.

Old School Shoes

Now to complete the overall look for summer, the footwear. While most people may expect to see flip flops or sandals on this list, we are more into those that you can actually wear when going out with friends, to parties, or events, and you might already feel a bit underdressed if you go to these gatherings while wearing only sandals. So shoes it is! Here are what’s trendy in the world of shoes.



The demand for old school hi-cut shoes became less during the later half of the 2000’s to the early 2010’s, but are actually making a huge comeback in the most recent years. For 2017, these shoes have become so popular that we just had to include them on our trends list. One of the most popular shoe brand that has this kind of style is the Converse Chuck Taylor, but you don’t necessarily have to get that exact brand if you want to follow the trend, there are other shoe brands that have a similar style, and these some of these were actually inspired by the Chucks itself. Pair this with a simple shirt and some slim fit jeans and you’re good to go.

White Sneakers

White sneakers will never go out of style, and it’s safe to say that it’s one of the pieces in fashion that will stay trendy for a very, very long time. White sneakers are capable of fitting in on whatever shirt or pants you wear, and it has even become a popular choice of footwear during formal events. Take a look at Robert Downey, Jr. for example, during movie premieres, awarding ceremonies, or any formal event, he is usually seen wearing white sneakers along with his all-formal getup.



You see? There was a time when acid-washed and tie-dyed shirts as well as baggy pants were a trend especially among teenagers and young adults, but these clothing may look out-of-place if worn today. In today’s generation, in the recent years specifically, people have gone back to the basics with fashion and embraced more on simple or no prints at all on shirts. While some people consider abstract and colorful prints on shirts, such as those on Ed Hardy apparels, still attractive and stylish; but many would say that plain, solid-colored ones are a whole lot better since it has the capability to blend in with almost any other piece of clothing. For some anticipation on the upcoming trends in fashion for the next season, check out this list on fashion trends for the pre-fall season.

For the bottoms, as mentioned earlier, baggy pants were a trend in the late 90’s to the early 2000’s, and though bell-bottom jeans are still quite popular today among women, it was also a trend among men during the 1960’s to the 1970’s. Even these very trendy fashion pieces saw an end halfway through the 2000’s, and it has now been replaced by the still popular straight or slim fit pants, though over the recent years, men have started wearing skinny jeans or even jeggings, which are slowly becoming more and more popular.

Fashion is indeed something that you can never expect, and it is only up to you if you want to keep yourself up to date with the different trends since it may get costly in the long run. To be in the safe zone, it is highly advised to keep yourself simple and not too flashy, and some would even tell you to simply dress according to what makes you comfortable, as long as it is within the appropriate level. To see what we think may become a trend over the next few months, check out this other list of the upcoming fashion trends for 2017.

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