Being popular and present for a long time now, the side shaved hairstyles for men have been the top hair trend of this year. Shorter on the sides, side shave cut gives you a neat look and a flexible leverage to experiment with the top. From buzz cuts to hipster man bun, a haircut with shaved sides makes your look effortless and simultaneously edgy and smart.

We have put together 10 best side shaved haircuts that will provide you with ample amount of inspiration for your next haircut.

1. Combed Back With Shaved Sides

combed back with shaved sides1

Formal as well as casual this combed back hairstyle allows you to have a good length on the top and close to scalp shaved look on the side. Just to bring to your attention if you didn’t already know, you will have to make regular trips to the barber to ensure that the cut is in its best shape. Use some pomade or hair gel to keep the top section neat and put together.

2. Short With Tapered Sides

short with tapered sides1

One of the most macho and neat hairstyles, the cut works very well with a bearded face. The cut is the best fit for those who are looking to put in the least amount of effort in the regular maintenance of the hairstyle. The tapered side shaved cut is also a good option to try on the hair that has just started to grey.

3. Short Slicked Backed With Shaved Sides

short slicked backed with shaved sides1

The cut is undoubtedly the best for those who are looking to go for short on the top and an even close shave on the sides. The hairstyle works best with hair gel or pomade. The shorter length makes the hairstyle easy to manage and carry.

4. Extremely Short and Tight

short hair men

This style takes inspiration from the traditional military cuts with really short length on the top as well as on the sides. Very easy to manage, the cut is minimal and the transition of length from side to the top gives the cut an eye-catching definition.

5. Tight With a Fade


Holding a close resemblance to the short and tight cut this look just provides a tapered edge as an addition. Featuring a defined transition in length from top to the sides, the cut is tapered down to the ears.

6. Undercut


If this is your first time trying out a fade haircut, we would suggest you go with the classic undercut. Somewhere midway between the extreme styles, the haircut is versatile in its technique and needs just a little bit of product to style it.

7. Combed Back Undercut With a Low Shaved Sides

combed back low fade

This cut is best to try if you already have slightly long hair. Slicked back undercut with low shaved sides helps to give your hairstyle a well styled and modern makoever to the classic undercut.

8. Modern Bowl Cut

bowl cut

Much to everyone’s dismay, the bowl cut is back and not in its original unnerving 90s glory. The modern day bowl cut is reimagined in its classic elements and it is certainly the best fit for someone looking to make a bold style statement. The drastic shift in the length on the side makes the cut edgy. For styling it at its best, try and keep the top fairly short.

9. Low Shave

low shave

Go for a disconnected low shave to give a complete makeover to the side-shaved hairstyle. Opt for a drastically low shave to give your classic slick back hairstyle a modern gentleman look.

10. Pompadour


Pompadour, having its roots in the 1950s is still one of the most stylish hairstyles to carry this season. Add more length and weight to the front section of your hair and get a decent fade on the sides. Go for a wet look with gel based product for a traditional take on the pompadour.

Take inspiration from the above-mentioned styles and don’t shy away from shaving the sides anymore.

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