Women with natural hair often do not know what to make of their hairdo. It is a blessing, really. Think about it. Having natural hair means you do not need to use hair chemicals and texturing products to style those locks.

That’s a relief and many women have come to love natural hair and now all of them absolutely root for the Natural Hair Fan Club.

19 New Ways to Style your Natural hair

1. The Mohawk

This one’s a signature hairdo for this hair type. An instant favorite which never fails to make heads turn. Adding a bit of color hue to the Mohawk look is counted as trendy these days, if you’d like to try.

virat kholi mohawk hair look


2. Layers for Short

You could try to do layered curls as that would give you a livelier hairdo. For more impact, try going jet black first. Moreover, this particular style is one that’s easy to do and lasts longer.

layers for short hairs


3. Sectioned Mohawk

The Mohawk has many avatars. If you resist the ponytail, how about pinning it all together into an attractive Mohawk in the middle. Create an interesting parted design to improve the look. This should be your to-do hairdo if you dislike bun and ponytail.

sectioned mohawk e1458885288137


4. Braided Mohawk

Here’s another variation for you should you be a Mohawk fan. Try doing the Mohawk and braiding up the hairs on the sides. This is a versatile hairstyle which can be taken from work to play or vice-versa.

braided mohawk hair style


5. Another Mohawk

Take away one more Mohawk idea: A Mohawk with under shave is one of the best hairdos to make if you have short natural hair. This style puts away all of the messy unruly coils in a naughty way.

mohawk with under shave e1458886253979

6. Afro Puff hair style

You just cannot go wrong with this one. One of the trademark hairstyles for the natural hair, the Afro Puff is quite simply the staple hairdo for this hair type. If no ideas strike you, the Afro Puff is always going to make you look stylish!

7. Finger Coils

Glossy finger coils are never going to disappoint you. Arguably one of the most charming hairstyles for the natural hair, glossy finger coils with pastel flowers always look amazing! They make the face look brighter. Would be cruel not to try this.

glossy finger coils e1458886838584

8. The Shock Head

This one’s been a rage recently. The only condition however for doing the ‘shock head’ is that you should know how to flaunt/model it. If you do, then this hairdo is a great way to show off your face features.

shock head hair style

9. Tight Little Curls

Yet another innovative hairdo idea for natural hair would be to have tight little curls done. This one’s very awesome, because the hairstyle gives away a very distinct impression. Perfect fit for anyone with short natural hair.

tight little curls

10. Pompadour Updo

This one’s a hairdo which looks regal all the way. To get this done, all you need to do is pull up all of the hair from the sides and top of your forehead. It creates more of Pompadour effect.

pompadour updo


11. Go Careless

If your hair has a frizzy texture don’t beat it. Instead style it in a careless way by giving the reckless hair a little bit of shape. Raise up the back hair, and let the side and front tresses fall at random.

reckless hair style go careless

12. Pin it Up

If you don’t want to ‘style’ your natural hair as such, why not just use a pin and create a simple updo? It’s a very good idea and even though you haven’t ‘styled it’, the appearance would suggest otherwise.

simple pin it up updo natural hair

13. Braided Crown

If you want to steer clear of hair styling for quite a bit, the Braided Crown hairdo is the one you should execute on you. Best thing: It works on hair of any texture. That’s a big plus, right?

braided crown hairdo


14. Playing with Wet Locks

A fun hairdo idea would be to braid up your wet locks overnight and the next morning you will get wavy tendrils. This is a good idea for the women looking for different texture in their hair.

playing with wet locks e1458888813824

16. Twists Up

Want to skip the daily styling routine for as long as a week? Take this advice: Make flat twists and pile up a twisty bouffant in the front to add much more zing to the standard hairdo.

twists up hairdo


17. The Faux hawk

For women with short hair, you can style your natural hair as a fauxhawk. Pin the coils to the sides will complete the look. Of course you could also use delicate or metal combs to up the visual appeal.

david beckham faux hawk look

18. Large Curls Updo

Make your curls appear voluminous by doing this hairdo. This is achieved by wildly layering your curls. For good effect, get highlights done. This particular hairstyle is a perfect pick for the weekend.

large curls updo hair style


19. Two-Tone Crop

If you want your natural hair cut stylishly short popular recommendation is to opt for the crop cut. To make sure it doesn’t look boring, you color the top blonde, and make a parted design to keep it interesting.

two toned crop cut hair style


Naturally Short

Styling natural short hair isn’t such a puzzle. There are many short natural hairstyles which you could try on yourself and you will be surprised at the outcome. Commonly trending hairdos for natural shorts include Mohawks (sectioned Mohawk with small coils is a recent rage), and layered and curly.

naturally short mohawk hair style e1458896491296


short naturally curly hairstyles black e1458908747204

Natural & Black

For women with natural black hair, you could do a number of styles. You just got to get the perfect haircut which suits your face cut and personality. With so many natural black hairstyles you can style them in any desired way and make your coils look breathtaking.

natural black long hair e1458896880794


natural black cute hair


natural black hair e1458909036864


Naturally Curly

Styling natural curls can be a bit of work, right? Well not so much if you’re armed with just the right ideas. There are various natural curly hairstyles you could choose and up your appearance. You could make side partings, even fishtail or vintage braid is a good option.

naturally curly brown hair


naturally curly black hair e1458897167698


short naturally curly hair styles e1458909180977

Natural Hairdos for Black Ladies

Afro hairstyles are a huge hit because they are just right for the natural hair of black women. There are so many natural hairstyles for black women. Try the bold and beautiful cute teeny weeny afro hairdo. Short textured curls are a unique look too.

natural hairdos for black ladies e1458897458221

quick hairstyles for short natural african american hair e1458897739178

black women hairstyles e1458909802492

Guarding the Natural Locks

Styling natural hair is a task and not every hairstyle behaves well all of the time. In that case it’s always safe to opt for protective hairstyles for natural hair. Ideally you could pull up your hair in two or three knots, variously places on the head. Braiding is another safe bet.

natural locks braids e1458898390771


guarding the natural locks


cornrow braid styles for girls e1458910178613

Doing it Quick

It’s not so difficult to style natural hair in a quick way if you need to. There are so many quick natural hairstyles you could give a try. Sweeping all of your natural hair to one side and pinning it up is an all time popular one.

quick natural hairdo


braid look e1458910394659

Afro-American Natural

The most remarkable African American natural hairstyles stirring a storm these days comprise of the ultra shaved hairdo that has a side shaved parting. If you don’t want to go all out, you could try the a symmetric updo, side-sweep and crazy kings are another top favorite these days.

securely side swept hairstyle

afro american updo e1458900018301


side sweep hairstyle


Natural Styles for Black Women

There are black women natural hairstyles out there that you will never run out of options probably. For long natural hair, you could experiment by doing a crown braid updo. Better still you could go ahead and leave long spirals as they are for the casual look.

crown braid updo e1458900671218


natural styles for black women e1458911120271


Naturally Braid

Making braids of natural hair is exciting. There is no short supply of natural braid hairstyles. The Jumbo French braid is a perennial favorite and sure to attract attention. If you like buns, then you will love the braided bun hairdo. You just got to pull up all your hair, braid it and make a bulky crown-like bun!

french braid e1458901735419


naturally braid hair style e1458911229326


Naturals for Wedding Day

Creating an attractive hairdo for a wedding day especially with natural hair can be a fun experience. There is an array of natural wedding hairstyles you could do. Bun in all of your hair, and create neat braids. A double roll hairdo is an instant hit.

naturals for wedding day


Natural & Medium

For women with natural medium hair, there’s no reason to experience hairdo-hassles. There are various natural hairstyles for medium hair. You could experiment with the textured look, messy curls is another hit now. Braids are always in vogue. Side parted medium hair mane will make you a head turner.

messy curls


side parted medium hair


Naturally Long

Naturally long locks give you much more styling freedom. You could happily experiment with any or all of the natural hairstyles for long hair. Deck up your natural locks and form the bulky and fuller-looking bow tie look, even braided buns or tree braids look great this season.

natural long hair


tree braids e1458903568647


For Little Girls

The little girls want their natural hair to look fashionable too. There are various ideas of little girl natural hairstyles that you could deck up your little girl’s mane with. Try the very versatile coif – comprises of buns, braids and ponytails. This one’s completely fail-proof.

little girl bun hair style


braids and ponytails e1458904218121


little girls want their natural hair look e1458911910400


Black Natural Curls

Creating a hairdo for natural black curls can be quite a task. Thanks to stylists there is a variety of black natural Curly hairstyles you could try and look uber stylish. The super short look with the curls is rocking the scene now. Looks very smart, by the way!

black natural curls e1458905220210

natural curly hair style


Naturally Mohawk

Among-st all of the trendiest natural Mohawk hairstyles that are causing a storm, the natural Mohawk with natural hair remains the classic chart buster in the world of natural hair hairdos! This look gives your curls the good chance to go wild albeit remain very stylish and in control.

naturally mohawk e1458905663657


naturally mohawk for kids e1458905755966


naturally mohawk hair style e1458912394762


Natural Weaves

Weaves are a great way to add more character to your hairdo. The natural weave hairstyles accentuate your facial features in a very nice way. They also flatter the overall appearance of your locks, improving the texture. Check out the natural weave hairstyles that are making celebrities attract so much attention.

natural weaves e1458906006446


natural black wavy hair styles e1458906191422


natural weaves hair style e1458912768771


Naturally Afro

There is no literally dearth of ideas and suggestions when it comes to natural afro hairstyles. Choose the signature Mohawk, or trim your hair super short to inspire boldness. Braid it, bun it, coil it, even bob it if you wish! Afro hairdos are all about being adventurous!

natural afro hairstyles e1458906580305


afro natural braid it e1458906852926

naturally afro e1458913008548

Twist it Natural

The rocking hairdos among Twist Hairstyles for natural Short hair include: Wet hair twists (old-fashioned yet a favorite), Dry hair twists (need a description?), Twists-Bun (just pile up the twists and form a bun, simple and classy), Low-Ponytail tie (pull back all the twists into a ponytail – messy or neat is your choice.)

twists bun natural hair style e1458907026190


low ponytail tie e1458907199908


dry hair twists



Natural hair is too much fun to style. You just need to have all of the know-how. We have it all spelt out for you in the most simple way. Make the most of your natural lock with the ideas!

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