For many years women have been using weaves or hair extensions to enhance their natural looks. Popular with black women, weave hairstyles are so versatile that you can get a set in any color, size, and style. With weaves, you can achieve any hairstyle that will make heads turn without damaging your natural hair. Weave hairstyle designs prevent natural hair breakage, they are easy to maintain and can give you a sophisticated image especially if you have curly hair. You may also See Black Weave Hairstyle

Quick Weave Hairstyles

Quick weave hairstyles are done by gluing the hair extension on a stocking cap. Another popular but quicker method involves flattening the natural hair with gel and then adding the weave. With proper care, these weaves can last up to a month and have to be removed by experienced hair stylists.

Vanessa Hudgens Long Quick Weave Hairstyle

vanessa hudgens long quick weave hairstyle

Rihanna Short Quick Weave Hairstyle

rihanna short quick weave hairstyle

Curly Weave Hairstyles

If you want to look romantic or enhance your sex appeal, then opt for curly weave hairstyles. They add volume and give a new look to women with straight hair. These hairstyles are so versatile that it comes in wavy, kinky and tight curls.

Kelly Rowland Curly Weave Hairstyle with Bangs

kelly rowland curly weave hairstyle with bangs

Teyana Taylor Kinky Curly Weave Hairstyle

teyana taylor kinky curly weave hairstyle

Short Weave Hairstyles

Want a protective style that will keep your natural hair healthy? Then go for short weave hairstyles. These styles are cute, help frame the face while giving you a modern, elegant look. You can get one that is layered, with blunt cuts, highlights or edgy side designs.

Bria Murphy Black Short Weave Hairstyle

bria murphy black short weave hairstyle

Nicki Minaj Short Curly Weave Hairstyle

nicki minaj short curly weave hairstyle

Long Weave Hairstyles

What better way to show your femininity than with long weave hairstyles. Popular with women of all ages, these weaves are perfect for those who want a bit of hair length. They work as a protective style, and you can even go for long curly hairstyles.

Tika Sumpter Long Straight Weave Hairstyles

tika sumpter long straight weave hairstyles

Tyra Banks Long Bob Weave Hairstyle

tyra banks long bob weave hairstyle

Straight Weave Hairstyles

Straight weave hairstyles can have a conservative look which suits work environments or make it dramatic with color. While you can opt to use permanent dye, you can also add colored clip in pieces to make your straight hair interesting.

Sew In Weave Hairstyles

Sew in weaves hairstyles are done by sewing the hair extension using a needle and thread. The natural hair is first braided into cornrows before adding the weave. You can choose from synthetic which is economical and low maintenance or human hair which is durable.

Short Sew In Weave Hairstyle

short sew in weave hairstyle


Weave Ponytail Hairstyles

Weave Ponytail hairstyles involve adding a ponytail extension to your natural hair. They help give the illusion of a longer natural hair. For this hairstyle, the natural hair is first styled into a bun and then clip-in ponytail extension is added.

Weave Mohawk Hairstyles

Want to stand out from the crowd, then opt for Weave Mohawk hairstyles. Suitable for ladies who want a dramatic appearance you can go for curly weaves to make your Mohawk more feminine. If you don’t want to shave your side hair, then make it into one center braid and then add the Mohawk weave.

Curly Weave Mohawk Hairstyle

curly weave mohawk hairstyle


Weave Braid Hairstyles

Weave Braid hairstyles continue to be popular because they make a woman look fashionable. You can let your braids flow smoothly on your back, or style them into a low or high bun.

Black Weave Braid Hairstyle

black weave braid hairstyle


Weave Braid Ponytail Hairstyle

weave braid ponytail hairstyle


Blonde Weave Hairstyles

Blonde weaves will brighten up the face hence suitable for all skin tones. You can choose a blonde shade that complements your skin tone, however, avoid the over bleached weaves as they look artificial.

Blonde Curly Weave Hairstyle

blonde curly weave hairstyle


Weave Hairstyles With Bangs

Whether its side-parted or full fringe, weave hairstyles with bangs can help camouflage high foreheads. Bangs are perfect especially when you want to wear your long hair free flowing.  Side swept bangs provide layers for framing the face.

Bob Weave Hairstyles

Bob weave hairstyles are ideal for the modern woman who wants a low maintenance style. They suit all face shapes, any weather conditions, have many styling options, and you can choose short or medium bob.

Bob Weave Hairstyle

black bob weave hairstyle


Weave Bun Hairstyles

Be it low or high, weave bun hairstyles will make you look sleek. To make your bun look different, you can opt for a weave that incorporates bangs or curls. Lighten up the front hair section to brighten your face.

Weave Bun Hairstyle with Bangs

weave braid hairstyle for kids


Prom Weave Hairstyle Ideas

From a bob, long waves, braided updo to curly Mohawks, prom weave hairstyles are all about looking comfortable and classy. The weave length you choose should complement your dress design.

Quick Prom Weave Hairstyle

quick prom weave hairstyle


Medium Weave Hairstyles

Medium weave hairstyles feature medium hair length which is so versatile that you can style it in many different ways. For a voluminous style that will accentuate your facial features, go for a weave with curls.

Tips and Trends of Weave Hairstyles

Women have different hair textures, hence when it comes to choosing weave hairstyles you can opt for synthetic or human hair. Synthetic is affordable but short lasting. Human hair is multipurpose and tends to match natural hair texture. While you can select from Peruvian, Brazilian, Eurasian, Malaysian and Indian hair; if you want a more long-lasting weave then go for virgin human hair. They can be color treated and installed multiple times without wearing out.

Weave hairstyles give women the freedom to experiment with different styles without damaging their hair. They are versatile, give you a new look quickly and are low maintenance. You can even get weaves with short haircuts in a myriad of colors and layers to help you look modern as well as feminine.

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