Talking about that singular hairstyle which changes the total way of how a bob is seen these days. It has to be the feathered bob hairstyles which score high in the fashion quotient and are equally intriguing as well!

Coming in a fair lot of variations, feathered bobs have come a long way and thus here we are discussing and establishing the very idea of stylish feathered bob hairstyles which can make you a fashionista in no time. This is to give you a fair insight on the stylish feathered bob hairstyles.

Jennifer Lawrence Long Feathered Bob with Bangs

jennifer lawrence long feathered bob with bangs

Jennifer Lawrence is a fashionista in her own right and here she just did so and so much more when she flaunted her manes in a shoulder length layered bob cum feathered bob look and added a tinge of bangs with it!

Rihanna Feathered Bob Weave Hairstyle

rihanna feathered bob weave hairstyle

Rihanna is another name which is known as a fashion icon on her own right and in here, she just perfect justice to the title given to her and flaunted a feathered weave bob hairstyle which is neat, chic and ah so stylish.

Jennifer Lopez Angled Bob Hair

jennifer lopez angled bob hair

Angles and bob go hand in hand and if the combination has been accepted by none other than Jennifer Lopez herself, nothing like it! While men and women all over the world cannot stop drooling over her altogether, who are we to stop you from trying out this easy to keep and maintain hairstyle?

Kristen Stewart Side Swept Feathered Bob

kristen stewart side swept feathered bob

In case you flaunt a short length bob hair do, this feathered bob can actually make you look more stylish and change your entire persona too. Flaunted and exhibited with utter perfection by none other than Kristen Stewart, the side swept bob is sure here to stay on.

Charlize Theron Curly Feathered Bob Hair

charlize theron curly feathered bob hair

Who says that you cannot flaunt a bob in case you have natural curly manes? To break this very norm, here we are with the Charlize Theron sported curly feathered bob hairstyle which might break that very norm for better. Try it out curly heads and see heads turn all around you.

Taylor Swift Feathered Bob With Bangs

taylor swift feathered bob with bangs

Taylor swift has perfected the way feathered bobs should look for the general poluli to say the least. If you do not agree, check out this perfect feathered bob with bang look which will give you a complex for sure.

Emma Stone Asymmetrical Feathered Bob

emma stone asymmetrical feathered bob

Asymmetry is in everywhere! Be it in dress cuts or in hair styles and this is brought about to the fore by the Asymmetrical feathered bob which has been created perfectly by none other than the stunning Emma Stone in here!

Jenny Mccarthy Black Feathered Bob Hairstyle

jenny mccarthy black feathered bob hairstyle

Black has never looked this great as it looks on the feathered bob look flaunted by Jenny McCarthy here. In case you have black and shiny short manes to showcase to the world, do not shy away from trying out this look.

Tia Mowry Two Toned Feathered Bob

tia mowry two toned feathered bob

Highlights along with dual tones if put at the right place. The right angles can alleviate the way a feathered bob hair style look; something that Tia Mowry has done over here! Experiment with your hairs if you can see the way it changes you forever.

Ciara Feathered Bob Haircut

ciara feathered bob haircut

Play with tones and texture in here and see the feathered bob cut come to light. The hair style did to the perfect “T” by Ciara is an example you cannot deny trying out. You may also see Blunt Bob Haircuts

Sew In Bob Haircut Idea

cool sew in bob haircut idea


Chopped Layered Feather Bob Hair

shoulder length bob haircut


The growing popularity & speciality associated with feathered bob hairstyles. Bob hairstyle has come again in fashion since the last year and it has come with a tag along; the feathered bob to be precise which not only gives an extra edge to the entire look but also gives one ample amount of chance to experiment and look ravishing.

Sew Weave Feather Bob Hair

partial weave bob hairstyle


African Feathered Bob Haircut

black and purple bob hair


Feather Bob Haircut for Black Women

awesome bob hair with bangs


Stacked Feathered Bob

chin length bob haircut idea


With so many kinds of options available in terms of feathered bobs, which one will you choose today? Do let us know in the comments about your favourite feathered bob look .

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