Lately, women have been seen sporting a bold headband with flowers, creating a stylish, bohemian look.  A leather headband with feathers is also a great bohemian look. Simply part your hair in the middle and rock the leather headband.

Taylor Swift Head Band Hairstyle

Dianna Agron Floral Hairband

Ariana Grande Headband

For those who have full blunt bands, place a head band towards the back and curl the rest of your hair for a sweet style. Embrace the headband style by letting your hair lay natural or give it loose waves to create an effortless look. Side sweep curls and place a thin headband at the highest point of your forehead for a chic, trendy style.

Taylor Swift Vintage Headband

Rihanna Polka Dot Headband

Hailee Steinfeld Stone Head Band

Selena Gomez Boho Head Band

For a chic look, keep a good chunk of hair forward and slightly wavy. Then place and headband and loosely pin the rest back. Incorporate the Heidi braid without looking too busy by adding a small sparkly headband for an elegant look.

Taylor Swift Crystal Headband

Charlize Theron Black Head Band

Gwyneth Paltrow Simple Head Band

Katy Perry Retro Head Band

Charlize Theron Glitter Head Band

Hillary Clinton Head Band

Cara Delevingne Head Dand Hairstyle

Style a loose beehive look with a thin headband towards the back. Stylists often execute this style with a piece of ribbon to style a cute bow in the back. You can also simply place a headband of top of your hair and roll your hair up into a bun. A messy bun with a knotted headband in front looks effortless and gives you more freedom with bold makeup.

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