Hairstyling is an important factor in the fashion and make-up industry. There are so many hairstyle designs for everyone in the basket. If you are interested in casual hairstyling then here is a hairstyle for you called the Bandana Hairstyle.

Bandana hairstyling is simple and also comfortable for all occasions. Bandana is a colored handkerchief tied around the head for hairstyling or around the neck. Here are some interesting bandana hairstyles for women to try for desired occasions.

Pin Up Bandana Hairstyle

Pin Up Bandana Hairstyle Source

This pin up hairstyle with a bandana is a regular type and common too. It is very simple to pin up your hair with a bandana on your head. You can choose the bandana color of your choice. This hairstyle is casual and is suitable to any dress type. Bandana can be tied on Top Knot Hairstyle also.

Bandana Updo Hairstyle

Bandana Updo Hairstyle Source

This is a retro hairstyle. Old actresses used to wear this type of bandana updo hairstyle. This is a perfect outing or picnic hairstyle. This looks like a Bun Hairstyle.

Bandana Hairstyle With Bangs

Bandana Hairstyle With Bangs Source

Bangs is the fringe of hair across the forehead. If you don’t have these bangs on your forehead you get artificial ones in the market. Leave these bangs on the forehead and tie a bandana. It is also a type of retro look and it looks gorgeous if the bangs are correctly made.

Braided Bandana Hairstyle

Braided Bandana Hairstyle Source

Braided hairstyle is loved by all women, but now you can try braided hairstyles with a bandana too. You can do your braids as per your choice either tie a braid bun and tie a bandana at the back or else leave your braids on the shoulder and tie a bandana. Whatever you do the style will look beautiful.

Curly Bandana Haircut Idea

Curly Bandana Haircut Idea Source

Like you see in this image even curled hair can be pinned up with a bandana. When your curly fringes will fall on your shoulder from the bandana it will look amazing and completely different from the normal bandana hairstyles.

Rockabilly Bandana Hairstyle Design

Rockabilly Bandana Hairstyle Design Source

Rockabilly is a type of popular music of the 1950s, from the south-eastern US. The hairstyle during those days became popular with the name rockabilly hairstyles, a bandana tied on this hairstyle is a cherry on the cake. It looks exclusive. This type of style suits evening parties and occasions.

Bandana Hairstyle with Side Bangs

Bandana Hairstyle with Side Bangs Source

Bangs also known as fringes always look good on any type of hairstyle. And especially when fringes and bangs are done sideways the hairstyle done is very beautiful. A bandana tied with side bangs looks casual and makes the lady look amazing.

Emo Bandana Hairstyle

Emo Bandana Hairstyle Source

Emo hairstyle is related to emo and its associated subculture. Emo is a band playing rock music resembling punk and their lyrics deals with emotional subjects. This style done with a bandana looks cool. And this hairstyle is trending nowadays.

Long Hair Bandana Hairstyle Idea

Long Hair Bandana Hairstyle Idea Source

Like you see in this image it is not necessary to do a bun hairstyle to tie a bandana. If you have long hair you can just tie it as a hair band and give it a formal casual look. Girls with long hair bandana style will definitely look pretty.

Layered Bandana Hairstyle

Layered Bandana Hairstyle Source

We saw about the long hair bandana hairstyles, but as you see here if you leave your hair on shoulder with a tied bandana the layer of your hair will give it an elegant look. You can get layered haircut if you want specifically for this look.

Bandana Center Part Hair

Bandana Center Part Hair Source

Top Bun Bandana Hairstyle

Top Bun Bandana Hairstyle Source

Bun Bandana Hairstyle

Bun Bandana Hairstyle Source

Cute Puff Bandana Hair

Cute Puff Bandana Hair Source

Bandana Dark Hairstyle

Bandana Dark Hairstyle Source

Black Bangs with Bandana Hair

Black Bangs with Bandana Hair Source

Bandana is available in all colors, so you can pick your favorite or the one matching your outfit.Bandana Hairstyles can be tied with a bandana to make it look beautiful. It will give a casual and a semi-formal look. So ladies if you want to walk around comfortable without the disturbance of your hair, just tie them up with a bandana. It will be comfortable and will also form a new hairstyle design.

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