Making resolution also includes making resolution for new hair hacks for 2016 to make it the year of hair to enhance your personality.It is one of the factors in our manes which you need to fix up. Some of them very common are the frizz; blow-dry hair routine, and the locks that hold the curls.

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To begin with the hair hack for this year and to avoid hair struggle

Those with long and thick hair can preferably go for hair cut which can help them save a lot of time in their busy schedule to leave for office. This can be a good time saving hack.Application of dry shampoo will make the hair stay away from being greasy soon.

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Hair with dandruffs creates an embarrassing situation in such case combination of olive oil, lime juice and water should be applied to the scalp. This will lift the flakes on the scalp and then moisturize the scalp.Tie up pony tail using bob pin so as to keep the pony from sagging which is a great way to maintain polish. Pony tail is the quick method to do your hair. It is an effortless way to tie your hair.

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Lemon juice can be used to give natural highlights, while chamomile tea is very good to make the dark hair bright. Even by using tea water overnight on the hair can give golden color to the super-dark strands.Bun is the iconic hairstyle that will not go out of fashion even today.

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There are several variations of making bun hairstyle and that is sure to make you get a different look and will not make you look boring.

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It is very quick to tie.The other style is the tuck and cover hairstyle. This hairstyle is getting more popularity these days. It can be even done on short hairs too.In this hairstyle, you have to place a hair band over your hair and tuck the hair in from both the sides and then continue to tuck the hair until all of your hair is tucked and finally you will have an effortless hairstyle making you look different.

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The other type is triple braid bun where you need to do three parts of your hair, braid, and then roll up the braids up so that you get three buns, which almost look like a single bun. Side braiding of hair will make you look amazing this is only possible with long hairs. In this you need to divide the hair into two parts and place it to one side and braid.

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Then you can either place some flower with bob pins with diamonds on the hair it will give a marvelous look. All this can be done with minimum effort.To be more precise dry shampoo is becoming more convenient in hair styling. This help to increase the volume of the hair and makes you feel fresh and with good fragrance.

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The half-knotted doing of hair is the style which will really mesmerize other. In this you need to take two strands of hair and tie a knot and again tie a knot second time and then pin up.

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If you want, your hairs to have a lackluster, then dust a matte eye shadow of the similar color to your locks entirely along the hairline. This will give you a thicker look too.

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Hair looks heat styling when it is washed on the previous day for the next day hairstyle. That mean the hair should not be moist when it is being tied up as the hair will have a good texture.

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Now with all the latest trendy and easy way of styling your hair with the new hacks will minimize your time and make you look beautiful.

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