Are you looking for unique ideas to make your metal texture look awesome? In most cases, standalone patterns and textures look bland and don’t quite make the cut. However, using the right tool, mixing unique brushes and with some creativity, you can do a lot with Photoshop textures. Here are some brushes that will let you easily create some rustic metallic designs. Whether you are designing something princely or looking to make your archival print more surreal, these brushes can come in real handy! You may also see Seamless Textures

Copper Brass and Steel Texture

copper brass and steel texture

Here are some really fresh and cool metallic textures. You can choose to use them in your posters art or even rendering high-quality architecture using modeling software. Available as transparent PNGs, JPEGs, EPS Vectors and AI files, these textures can be used in all kinds of editing applications.

Stained and Scratched Brass Texture

stained and scratched brass texture

Looking to simulate the texture of a worn out brass metal plate. This texture comes with realistic scratches and stains that suit your requirement. Offered as a high-quality vector, this metal texture can be completely rescaled without pixelation.

Fine Brushed Brass Texture

fine brushed brass texture

Looking for cool interior design and architectural textures? This redwood metal vector will go perfectly with all kind of steel surfaces you integrate in your model. You can even customize the texture to create electric blue, green or black steel texture for your rendering.

Old Brass Plate Texture Design

old brass plate texture design

Looking to simulate the look of old copperware? Well, with this texture handy, you will not have to go through the lengthy adjustment process. Quite realistic, this old brass texture can be put into any illustration and 3D model using most graphic editing applications.

High Quality Brushed Brass Texture

high quality brushed brass texture

Brushed metals look more realistic and sophisticated than smooth solid colors. Whether you are designing the model for the next smart phone looking for a unique texture to apply to your modular kitchen appliances, here’s the perfect pick!

Old Brass Texture

old brass texture

Coming up with a stained and used texture, especially with metals is always hard and takes a lot of time for a designer. Well, not anymore. This old brass texture exactly represents a used metal that has also got stained along the way! This is perfect for rendering an old lamp post or the excavated pieces of metalware!

Abstract Gold Brass Texture

abstract gold brass texture

Gold brass is a common texture used in most modern day equipment and furnishing. If you are looking to render your product in realistic colors, this would be it. For a graphic designer, this abstract brass texture should come in handy in more than one ways.

Gold Shiney Brass Texture Design

gold shiney brass texture design

Looking for a shiny gold realistic texture for your next architectural project? This vector would be perfect to render old world objects, especially precious metal statues. This rough texture provides the illusion of weathering and decay – a dramatic representation of reality.

Brushed Bronze and Brass Stitched Textures

brushed bronze and brass stitched textures

If you have been looking for new industrial textures, this particular vector should make the cut. Featuring a shiny copper in horizontal brushes, the texture creates a realistic appeal and should be perfect for your architectural rendering. The vector is offered both as a JPEG and TIFF file and should meet your high-quality requirements.

High Resolution Brass Texture

high resolution brass texture

Looking for realistic metal background for your 3D Max modeling project? This old brass texture comes in high resolution and will be a perfect match to your requirement. The vector can be further rescaled to any extent without losing upon the resolution.

Antique Brass Texture Design

antique brass texture design

Seamless Brass Copper Bronze Texture

seamless brass copper bronze texture

Copper Seamless Texture

copper seamless texture

Seamless Bronze Brass Texture

seamless bronze brass texture

Brass Plate Texture

brass plate texture

Found what you came looking for? We, graphic designers, know how important is to have the right color and texture to add life to our work. Do let us know your feedback on the above products.

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