While decorating our homes, we focus majorly on the walls, after all that is the area that provides good enough space for all our ideas. But there is also another canvas in our house that we unknowingly ignore. We are talking about the ceilings. Yes! The fifth wall of a room that is mostly left without any expressions of your art and ideas. So today we decided to pay some attention to the ceilings. Therefore we have some ideas you can use to decorate your ceilings. So it’s time to look up!

1. Wooden Ceiling

wooden ceilings

Wood is an evergreen material that has been used since eons for building homes and now are used for decorating purposes as well. It has a timeless charm and to include it in your interiors as ceiling design can provide your space a nice scandinavian feel. There are many ways to include wood in your ceiling and there can be another post solely focusing on wooden ceilings.

2. Brick Ceiling

brick ceiling

If you like the rustic appeal of the bricks try them on your ceiling. The brick pattern looks great on walls but you can take the unconventional route and try them on your ceiling instead. White brick ceiling and colorful bright decor can light-up the space to positivity and embrace.

3. Ceiling with Quotes

ceiling with quotes

The trend is really popular in public spaces and you can give it a try at your home. You can try it in your living room and soon it would turn out to be a cool hangout space for you and your friends. Or you can try it in your bedroom with some motivational quotes. Every time you lie down on your bed, the ceiling will be your therapist.

4. Striped Ceiling

striped ceiling

Easy, modern and fun. Strips provide a dimension and style to anything they are applied to, even the ceiling. Stripes pattern instantly gains attention and is not something that can be easily ignored. However the design of the ceiling can be a little high maintenance too.

5. Textured Ceiling

textured ceiling

If you don’t like to experiment much with colors on your ceiling and prefer to keep them plain, white and simple then we suggest to apply a texture to it. Texture can be applied with the help of molding. Geometric molding is easy and give contemporary look to the home. If you want to go for something traditional or rusty, you can try for ethnic molding.

6. Stenciled Ceiling

stenciled ceiling

Stencil can be a little risky but if you keep it subtle, your ceiling can surely pull it off. Stencil can highlight the specific area it is applied on. If you have a chandelier hung on the ceiling you can stencil around it to add to the grace of the chandelier.

7. Silver Ceiling

silver ceiling

If you are someone who don’t like chandeliers and still want to glamourize your ceiling area, we have a great alternative for you. Try silver coating your ceiling. This idea is mostly suitable for the bedroom area. It can look a bit over the top for the living room.

8. Golden Ceiling

golden ceiling

And if it is gold that is more of your color than silver, go ahead and coat the ceiling gold. Make sure the rest of the interior complements with the golden emblaze and the ceiling doesn’t end up looking odd.

9. Metal Ceiling

metal ceiling

Metallic decoration has been creating a rage these days. Copper and brass and such metallic designs provide a unique look to your interiors. Don’t hesitate in coating your ceiling with a metallic coat. Depending on your taste you can go for bold, subtle or minimalistic appeal. Metallic ceiling, especially copper is great for kitchen. It might sound strange but copper ceiling provides your kitchen with a character and class.

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