The bedroom is often the special space in every home where you like to retire after a long day at work. Subtle and simple do call out for a relaxed ambiance, but adding some energetic and bold pieces in every other corner can help in bringing the missing drama and flavor. If you think that the plain look of your bedroom is transitioning into dull, we have today compiled a list of 10 ways how you can bring a dramatic feature that is equally sophisticated and extraordinary.

1. A Comfortable Jazzy Rug

a comfortable jazzy rug

Generally for most of us getting up early in a cold morning is equally sad and tough, but, what makes the position even worse is setting foot on a cold floor. If you already have a carpet try layering a cushy and comfortable rug in a bright shade to make the ambiance comfortable and vibrant.

2. Theme


A themed decor is one way to bring uniformity to the look of your bedroom. With a varied number of styles available, choose the pattern and feature that coordinates well with the feel of your home and of course your personal preference. If you wish to create a linear and organised touch, the stripe is one theme to opt for.

3. Throw Pillows and Bed Sheets

throw pillows and bed sheets

As beautiful and engaging it looks, it is important to have the right amount of throw pillows. Make sure to complement the comfy pieces with the decor to bring an edgy feature to the room. Play with contrast by adding a sheet cover that balances the colour of the walls.

4. Add Mirrors to Your Walls

add mirrors to your walls

Mirrors are one of the most dramatic accessories a bedroom can ever have. Rim the mirror with a stylish frame that pairs well with the wall, ceilings and bed. If you are looking for something minimally dramatic that can add on to the functionality of the room, mirrors are the best available solution.

5. Well Stocked Night Stands

well stocked night stands

A well stocked beautiful nightstand not just enhances the look of the bedroom but also caters to the everyday need and requirement. Making way for an uninterrupted sleep comfort, the nightstand can be the little small expression of personal style.

6. Artwork


Your family and personal photographs can easily be decorated in any other room of the house, but it is best to keep the bedroom artwork less emotional and personal. Elegant and sophisticated photographs and creative pieces of art not just look beautiful but also soothe the tired soul.

7. Dark Sexy Drama

dark sexy drama

Even the most cheerful bedrooms require an element of dark sexy glamour. Whether it is with a theatrical chandelier or an oversized grey headboard or the dark wall paint, the room with any of these features can express the creative drama in the most unconventional way.

8. Ceiling Decor

ceiling decor

Another great idea for a dramatic bedroom decor is to add unusual paint or patterns on the ceiling of the bedroom. This detailed addition can help to bring a sense of complexity to your space. When planning to add a pattern or texture on the ceiling, make sure to not overpower the visual presence of the walls.

9. Adjustable Lighting

adjustable lighting

Try and add dimmers to the lighting to make the space bright or soft as per the mood and the situation. This modification will help you customize the look of your bedroom as per the requirement.

10. A Unique Headboard

a unique headboard

A comfortable bed with a unique headboard is a great way to bring drama to the bedroom atmosphere. With a number of designs available, choose the one that matches well with the decor and also brings that experimental element with the attachment.

A bedroom that reflects excitement and comfort will certainly never go out of style.

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