Ninja makeup takes style to unseen levels. This modern trend offers an innumerable scope of experimentation and pushing the boundaries. There are various types of ninja makeup options, such as puppet makeup, Halloween makeup, and zombie makeup designs. Ninja makeup makes for a great Halloween or other zombie-themed party.

There are plenty of designs that you can take inspiration from and create your unique design. Here are 19 ninja makeup designs to give you some insight and inspiration.

Goth Ninja Makeup Design

Goth Ninja Makeup Design Source

This Goth ninja makeup design is simple and furious. With dark shades around the eyes, this gothic makeup design is full of energy and intensity. Visit the link to learn more and try it yourself.

Halloween Ninja Makeup

Halloween Ninja Makeup Source

This is a Halloween ninja makeup that is fit for a Halloween party or show. Try this makeup to present a mysterious look. Pair it with some matching outfit to double the impact. Follow the link to take a closer look. You may also see Corpse Bride Makeup Ideas

Mask Ninja Makeup Idea

Mask Ninja Makeup Idea Source

Be a badass warrior babe with this mask ninja makeup design. The makeup involves braiding and wrapping of hair to give the ultimate ninja look. It has a tribal touch and fits Halloween or horror occasions. Use the link to know more.

Fantasy Ninja Makeover Look

Fantasy Ninja Makeover Look Source

This fantasy ninja makeover look speaks loads of awesomeness. This is a cool makeup design that seriously resembles a ninja look. Observe the colors and shades, and get ready to be inspired. Click the link to continue with the idea.

DIY Ninja Makeup

DIY Ninja Makeup Source

This DIY ninja makeup creates the perfect look for a warrior of Sedna. It uses an infallible pro matte foundation, cream black eyeliner and kajal pencil. This ninja makeup is simple and sophisticated and catches attention and look. Follow the link to know more.

Ninja Eye Makeup Idea

Ninja Eye Makeup Idea Source

This ninja eye makeup idea is all about the eyes. The gorgeous and detailed dark bronze eye mask is accentuated by matching feathers on the sides. This makeup is dark yet bright. Visit the link to get some more inspiration.

Black Eye Shadow Idea

Black Eye Shadow Idea Source

This black eye shadow idea is inspired by the snake warrior-princess character. The makeup has a lot of style and substance. It creates a dramatic look that surely deserves attention and respect. Click the link to get some more idea.

Ninja Inspired Makeup Look

Ninja Inspired Makeup Look Source

This ninja-inspired makeup look is a great fit for a zombie-themed or Halloween party. With black face paint and teeth design, this makeup is an awesome idea to present an intense look. Follow the link to know more.

Cool Ninja Costume Idea

Cool Ninja Costume Idea Source

This cool ninja costume idea surely makes it high on ninja style. Wear and go out with a true warrior look to a costume party. Stand out and show your warrior side. Use the link to go ahead with this idea. You may also see Illusion Makeup Designs

Beautiful Ninja Look Makeup

Beautiful Ninja Look Makeup Source

This beautiful ninja look makeup is great for a Halloween party or carnival. The makeup is modern and ups the ninja style quotient. Try this makeup design to be a warrior. Visit the link to take a closer look.

Ninja Eye and Lips Makeover

Ninja Eye and Lips Makeover Source

Unique Ninja Makeup Idea

Unique Ninja Makeup Idea Source

Cool Ninja Makeup Design

Cool Ninja Makeup Design Source

Creative Ninja Makeup Design

Creative Ninja Makeup Design Source

Ninja Queen Makeup Idea

Ninja Queen Makeup Idea Source

Easy Ninja Makeup for Women

Easy Ninja Makeup for Women Source

Mermaid Ninja Makeup

Mermaid Ninja Makeup Source

Warrior Makeup for Women

Warrior Makeup for Women Source

Amazing Ninja Eye Makeup

Amazing Ninja Eye Makeup Source

These were some of the coolest ninja makeup designs that can surely be experimented with. Be it mime makeup design and ideas or flapper makeup designs, the options never run out. You can go over the ninja makeup designs and see what you can carry off with style.

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