With the changing times, the concept of fashion has seen a major transformation. The idea of fashion has become completely wacky and out of the box nowadays. One such example of this growing trend is the rag doll makeup design. A rag doll, which is prepared from scraps, is not something that you would associate with fashion, but, this has become one of the most popular ideas for showcasing fashion.

Another makeup design which is also very popular among the teenagers is the prom makeup as the prom is a much awaited function for them. Some attractive rag doll makeup designs are highlighted below:

Rag Doll Costume Makeup


One of the most amazing looks in this list of rag doll makeup designs is the rag doll costume makeup. This makeup is simple and cute and is perfect for kids. The long eyelashes that are made increase the cuteness quotient of the makeup.

Creepy Rag Doll Makeup


One look at the picture and you know why this makeup is known as creepy rag doll makeup design. The button eye is the main factor which makes this makeup design look extremely creepy. The blood stains add to the creepiness of this look.

Scary Rag Doll Makeup


Next up is the scary rag doll makeup design. This is one of the most popular rag doll makeup designs during parties. The stitches that are made on the face are sure to scare the hell out of you.

Zombie Rag Doll Makeup


The thought of the word zombie itself sends chills down your spine and the purpose of this zombie ragdoll makeup is to do exactly that. The long eyelashes and the cuts make the makeup look exactly like that of a zombie.

Broken Rag Doll Makeup


At the next spot is the broken rag doll makeup design. As the name suggests, the makeup is done in such a way that it looks like a broken doll with cuts right through the centre. The eyes make it look like a perfect doll.

Halloween is one of the most celebrated festivals in many countries. One of the major attractions of this festival is the makeup which is done during Halloween parties. The basic idea behind a Halloween look is to make a person look scary and spooky. This particular rag doll makeup for Halloween looks spooky and attractive at the same time.

From the name itself, you know that this makeup is meant to give you the evil look. This evil rag doll makeup design is simple yet stylish. It is perfect for those who do not want to go in for a dramatic look.

Cute Rag Doll Makeup Design


Coming up next is the cute rag doll makeup design. Since it is extremely cute in appearance, it would be perfect for kids and teenage girls. The shape of heart made on the lips add to the cuteness of this makeup design.

Eye makeup is the foundation which sets the look for the rag doll makeup. The eye makeup decides the expression which is going to be associated with this makeup.

Next up is the dead rag doll makeup design. This is also extremely popular during Halloween parties as it can be done with a lot of ease.

Rag Doll Paint Makeup Idea


Rag Doll Makeup for Women


Rag Doll Red Makeup


Rag Doll Fantasy Makeup


Rag doll makeup designs are considered to be the most popular during the Halloween season as it is one of the most popular themes during most of the Halloween parties. This makeup is extremely crazy and a lot of fun to do. It also brings out your creative side. The eye makeup is given a lot of importance in rag doll makeup design as it sets the expression for the makeup. The Barbie makeup is also a hot favourite among girls as Barbie is extremely popular with young females.

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