Smokey eye design can be done with any color and shade. If you want to use any other shade other than black and gray, you can still get the same effect with these colors. You can also use shades of golden, copper, and other metallic colors to create this effect. Before you chose the shade for smokey eye makeup, decide how dramatic you want the effect to be.

Think about the texture and contour of your skin before picking a shade of eye shadow. Red and golden eye makeup create a stylized effect for an evening event.

Taylor Swift Smokey Eye Makeup for Blue Eyes

taylor swift smokey eye makeup for blue eyes

An elegant eye makeup with the slightest shade of copper and a thin eyeliner suits small eyes. You can wear nude lipstick and chunky earrings along with this makeup design. It is suitable for evening as well as morning event.

Lucy Hale Hazel Smokey Eye

lucy hale smokey eye makeup for hazel eyes

Make sure to apply eye concealer before applying eye makeup. For all formal and informal occasions, this makeup is suitable for women with all skin tones. Even older women can try this style of eye makeup. If you love wearing eye makeup daily, this is the design to go for! You may also see Tropical Eye Makeup Designs

Black Smokey Eye Makeup

black smokey eye makeup


A black color smoky eye design with black mascara and an eyeliner applied. It is suitable for emo and punk rockers. Teenagers, as well as young women, can apply this eye makeup.

Gold Smokey Eye Makeup

gold smokey eye makeup


Golden eye shadow applied all over the eyelid gives a creamy effect and a smooth texture. Apply a heavy layer of eyeliner and mascara on the eyelids to make your eyes look bigger and beautiful. For parties, this is the style of eye shadow you can apply.

Silver Smokey Eye Makeup

silver smokey eye makeup


This is a glitter eye shadow on which a thick layer of eyeliner is applied. This color of eye shadow is suitable for fair skin. Girls with medium skin tone can try the copper and the pink shades for eye shadows.

Brown Smokey Eye Makeup

brown smokey eye makeup


For those big and beautiful almond eyes, try the brown eye shadow makeup. Applying a good coat of eyeliner along with the eye makeup is a given. Eye makeup is incomplete without the application of eyeliner and mascara.

Cute Smokey Eye Makeup

cute smokey eye makeup


Create this effect by using a creamy eye shadow and a thick layer of cat eye eyeliner. You can also use double shades of pearly pink and copper shades to create this effect. It gives the perfect effect of hazel eye makeup.

Bridal Smokey Eye Makeup

bridal smokey eye makeup


This is a simple eye makeup with a light creamy eye shadow that blends with the texture of the eyelid. It also gives it a sheen. Smaller eyes look prominent and attractive with this style of eye shadow application.

Dark Skin Smokey Eye Makeup

dark skin smokey eye makeup


Dark skin girls can look gorgeous on their wedding day with this eye makeup. A copper shade of creamy eyeshadow with the thinnest layer of eyeliner looks great on a bride with a dark skin. Choose a light violet color lipstick to go with this. You may also see Arabic Eye Makeup Designs

 Green Smokey Eye Makeup

green smokey eye makeup


You can try this bronze eye makeup in a green shade. You most certainly will not look like the Grinch who stole the Christmas, but, it requires some moxie to wear this eye makeup. It is typical of punk rockers to wear this type of eye makeup.

Pink Color Smokey Eye Makeup

pink color smokey eye makeup


Flawless Smokey Eye Makeup

flawless smokey eye makeup


Green Glitter Smokey Eye Makeup

green glitter smokey eye makeup


Grey Smokey Eye Makeup

grey smokey eye makeup


Pretty Smokey Eye Makeup

pretty smokey eye makeup


Glitter Smokey Eye Makeup

glitter smokey eye makeup


There are umpteen retro eye makeup styles. You can choose the colors, shades, and textures that suit the fabrics and accessories. Use mascara with this eye makeup, whether you use a bronze color or a lighter shade of eye shadow. Eye makeup must always be balanced with the color your lipstick.

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