Last year on Halloween’s, social media was flooded with pictures of half face makeup designs. Half face Makeup is basically – obviously – a design on half the face to create surreal and creative looks. This is something you should be looking for if you don’t want to stand out of the crowd, because as you may already know, these half face makeup designs feature an out-of-this-world look. You may also see Creative Makeup Designs

This half face makeup is perfect for Halloween. The beauty on one side and the beast on the other, this design is breathtakingly attractive. The white lashes make it pop even better.

Half Skull Makeup Design

half skull makeup design1


Treat your face like a canvas and experiment around with webs and skulls! You may need body/face paints for this design, maybe some glitter, too. If you don’t like a crazy white skull, this colorful skull is less creepy. You may also see Skeleton Makeup Designs

If you are going for a look that would make you look like a serious and scary Halloween dresser, this is the best one for you. The teeth in this design are painted very professionally, so you may need some help with that if you’re not much of an artist yourself.

Skulls are very popular in this half face makeup designs’ category. This one is much easier to do than the others, and the pop of red lips with a pair of very light blue colored contact lens make the half skull design seem less loud.

Men don’t seem to be casually comfortable with the idea of makeup, but this look is unisex. This half face makeup isn’t too much. It is simple, and requires only regular makeup: smoke-eye shades kit, purple lipstick shades, and most importantly false eyelashes.

Edgy Half Face Skull Makeup Idea

edgy half face skull makeup idea


A little experimenting always creates outstanding results, like this girl has painted her face in a horizontal half rather than a vertical half. The colors are gold and black, which looks like a better combination than the usual white and black.

Half Face Zombie Makeup

half face zombie makeup


This is a crazy variation of the skull half face makeup design. It is colorful and creative; a black crack at the side is artistic yet easy-to-do. If you want to opt for this, you would need face paints and the patience to carry huge amounts of eye-makeup.

Black and White Half Face Makeup

black and white half face makeup


Vivid contrast of solid black and white colors make this half face makeup very appealing. I suggest you buy the best quality face paints for this design, and a set of brushes for details.

This design rocks the fake Asian half face. This woman is not an Asian, but clearly got her makeup on fleek. Her Asian makeup on one side rocks an elongated Asian smoky eye with natural glossy pink lips and looks best if your skin is wheatish.

Simple and Easy Makeup Idea

simple and easy makeup idea


What better way to flaunt almost any dress, any complexion, on any event, other than a cat eyeliner and red lips. Bold cat eyeliner like in this makeup makes the eyes look bigger, while the bright red lips make it simple yet fancy. You may also see Zombie Makeup Designs

Beautiful Half Face Princess Makeup

beautiful half face princess makeup


Wound Makeup Design Idea

wound makeup design idea


Beautiful Half Face Eye Makeup

beautiful half face eye makeup


Funny Half Face Makeup

funny half face makeup


Scary Half Face Makeup

scary half face makeup


Lovely Half Face Makeup

lovely half face makeup


There are many ways with which makeup can be an art, half face makeup being one of those ways. For Halloween or Horror-themed parties, you can wear any of the listed skull makeup designs or the zombie half face makeup design. For other informal parties where you are allowed to go crazy, the Asian Half face makeup is what I found best. We hope you liked these half face makeup designs. Comment and post pictures of the designs that you have tried!

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