Banshee is a fairy from the Irish mythology who cries when someone is about to die. Wearing makeup is common in today’s society. Wearing on the right makeup which suits your face and skin tone must be kept in mind.Banshee makeup is very common nowadays as they are used in all sorts of fancy dress parties and Halloween celebrations. Use the right makeup products and color tones for your skin which make you suitable for the right occasion.

The wailing of a woman is seen in this silver banshee makeup. The eye portion is lightly done with silver and black tears down the cheeks. The black paint is thickened on the eyelids and the eyelashes are also done well.

Banshee Makeup For Halloween

banshee makeup for halloween


People always look for something spooky and scary for Halloween parties and celebrations. Try out some zombie makeup to scare people on the Halloween party. The eye portion is thickened with red and black strokes with a smoky makeup for the eye.

Banshee Queen Makeup

banshee queen makeup


The makeup for a queen who has been a captive. The makeup, as the black stroke for the eye, is perfect. The natural makeup is amazing. Try out this banshee queen makeup when you are a captive queen next time in your dramas.

Crying Banshee Makeup Idea

crying banshee makeup idea


When the tears stroll down the cheeks your makeup on the face smudges. The tear makeup smudge is also showcased well. A silver lining is drawn around the smudge of the tears. The Smoky makeover is done for the eyes.

The demonic makes ups are quite tough to so, as each of the features must be done very clearly. If it’s not done well then a demon makeup might look like a clown sometimes. The make shows blood flowing from the eye and the mouth. You may also See Illusion Makeup Designs

Scary Banshee Makeup Idea

scary banshee makeup idea


The makeup you wear must make people recognise that you are performing a demon role. The scary banshee makeup is very good, the eye lens which is used is perfect to scare people. The black rays are done from the eyes.

Easy Banshee Makeup Idea

easy banshee makeup idea


Clean your skin with a cleaner and apply a perfect concealer to hide pores and spots. Brush little powder on the face and apply a thick layer of dark makeup to your eye. It’s very easy and quick to do this makeup.

Half Face Banshee Makeup

half face banshee makeup


Half face makeup is done more nowadays for a Halloween or a fancy dress party. The barbed wire makeup is done well, giving the effect of the wire on the face. One eye is completely done with black and the other is left natural only with smoky eye makeup.

Banshee Eye Makeup Design

banshee eye makeup design


The perfect demon makeup which makes you looks like a demon. Eye makeup takes a bit longer time. The eye makeup done is smoky and the lower portion is done with red texturing.

Funny Banshee Makeup

funny banshee mkaeup


Kids Banshee Makeover Idea

kids banshee makeover idea


The face is completely painted with white and the eye portion is done with green and black. Your makeup must look funny when you are performing any comedian role in the play.

Smoky Banshee Makeover

smoky banshee makeover


Check out the makeup which is perfect for you and go ahead with it. If you are new to the world of makeup, initially try with something which is easy and good. Try some cat makeup for your next fancy dress party, it looks really good on everyone. Wear a suitable makeup which is perfect for your role in the play.

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