A resume is a printed self-promotion that showcases someone’s knowledge, experience and capabilities for new job positions. A good resume needs to be well designed in order to impress the recruiters. Additionally, each profession has different characteristics that can be used to create outstanding resumes and make people stop and take a closer look. For a closer look, check out our collection of resume designs based on various professions to help you promote yourself. You may also See Email Designs

Professional Resume Designs

A professional resume should have the basic structure. Neat and precise flow will help you keep a professional look. However, do not hesitate to add some color or other elements.

professional resume designs

Web Designer Resume

For web development, a clean resume would go a long way. You can find templates in docs and pdf formats for easier editing. Highlight your experience with vibrant colors.

web designer resume

Student Resume Designs

Students can find numerous templates that they can easily edit in docx and pdf files. These resume designs are available in many different versions depending on the student’s style.

student resume designs

Business Resume Designs

A business resume needs to have a sophisticated style. There are many format files available for easy editing that can guide you through the process of filling it correctly.

business resume designs

Creative Resume Designs

Thinking out of the box is what most employers require in new employees. There are some amazing resume designs that have remarkable levels of creativity for almost every available profession.

creative resume designs

Fashion Design Resume

Your resume can be your portfolio. Make sure you include a small piece of your work in order to intrigue recruiters. You can find templates in docx and pdf formats.

fashion design resume

Most resume design templates are available in docx, psd and pdf format files giving you options to use for those that have no knowledge of Photoshop. If your profession or the job position requires creative spirit, don’t be afraid to bring new ideas to showcase your experiences on the field. You may also See Form Designs

Recruiters spend an average of eight seconds looking at a resume. You have to make sure that yours is going to catch their attention and hold it too. We hope that our collection of resume designs will be helpful for your future job hunting. We wish you all the best!

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