The landing page of a website goes on to decide how successful the online platform becomes. Since it is the first page that a visitor would see, the landing page requires making a good impression. While the look should be graphical, it is also necessary that the page remains intuitive and the visitor is able to easily navigate through the pages and understand what purpose it serves. A crucial part of SEO and visitor conversion, the landing page is the first thing that every designer brainstorms of. Well, here are examples of really cool landing page designs that you can use for your website. You may also See Banner Designs

App Landing Page Design

An app is meant for the mobile audience and it becomes obvious that the designer has a small window to make an impression through the landing page. Check this out!

app landing page design

Website Landing Page Design

This cool landing page design can be used by all kinds of websites as long as you are looking to keep it simple but classy.

website landing page design

Product Landing Page Design

Perfect for any e-commerce sit, this landing page offers enough space to showcase your product well while engrossing the viewer with the layout.

product landing page design

Responsive Landing Page Design

If your website is popular across several device users, ranging from desktops to small screen, this responsive landing page design will automatically fit itself to the access screen dimensions.

responsive landing page design

WordPress Landing Page Design

If you are looking to come up with a WordPress website, be it a blog or a fully fledged online portal, here’s another design to get inspired from.

wordpress landing page design

Video Landing Page Design

Offering the maximum amount of space for your video, this landing page design embeds the perfect elements in precise dimensions to fit the requirements.

video landing page design

SEO Landing Page Design

A strategically designed landing page, this is meant to help your rank higher in search engines.

seo landing page design

University Landing Page Design

Planning to give a fresh new look to the web page of your university/college? Here’s a look that you might want to consider.

university landing page design

Event Landing Page Design

Planning an event and looking to reach out to the maximum people? This landing page design will not just excite but also get you the maximum conversion.

event landing page design

Landing pages have always been an indispensable part of online marketing. In fact, 68% of B2B conversions for global businesses come from their landing pages. It is necessary that you follow the standards and yet meet the precise demands of your target demographics. You may also See Email Designs

The perfect landing page design will ensure that the visitor feels comfortable on the web page, is encouraged to know more about the business/product/service and that there are no elements that distract the attention of the user. Design it carefully to offer a fresh look and also encourage a call to action.

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