Now with more and more apps getting added each day to Windows phone stores, in order to make sure that your app is getting maximum exposure and downloading rate, it is necessary to render adequate focus on the marketing of the same. Whether you decide approaching app reviews sites or post on the social networking site about your app or get a landing page for the apps; sound media content for promotion of your app such as videos, illustrations and images is necessary. In this note, here is a list of some paid and free PSDs for the creation of professional Mockup Designs for windows phones. All these Photoshop files are highly editable and can be used for promotional image creation for your application, illustrations and videos. You can also use these windows phone mockup for the creation of a speedy prototype of your applications. Take a look at this list of 10 mockup templates for designed exclusively for your windows phone.

Realistic Windows Phone Mockup

realistic windows phone mockup

This phone mockup comes in a set consisting of 6 perspectives for your app presentation. You can also use these for any other similar project. It is highly user-friendly and editable. An instruction manual is included in the file for your convenience.

Responsive Windows Phone PSD Mockup

responsive windows phone psd mockup

Designed especially for Lumia 1520, this mockup helps you in managing and showcasing all your vital mobile applications offering a realistic view. Apart from PSD file format, you enjoy downloading this mockup in JPG as well.

High-Resolution Windows Phone Mockup

high resolution windows phone mockup

For showcasing your phone app in style, using this mockup is a great one to use. This mockup can be used conveniently even if you are not familiar with using Photoshop. Coming with enticing features, it mockup allows you hassle free editing. You may also see Smartphone Mockups

Nokia Lumia Mobile Mockup

windows phone mockup

It is particularly designed for Lumia 830 phones operating on windows 10. This editable layered PSD file with dimensions measuring 4800*3200 PX comes with a user manual guiding you with its use.

Flexible Phone Mockup Template

flexible phone mockup template

Exclusively sold on Graphicriver, you can use this flexible mockup template for your display project UI. It is looked upon as a high-quality mockup featuring an editable logo, lighting and background as well as an organized and realistic view.

Windows Phone Lumia 830 Mockup

windows phone lumia 830 mockup

Consisting of layered PSD files measuring 4200 *2800 px, this mockup is reviewed as an easily editable and fast one boosted with smart features. All instruction of use are included in the guide file, hence you will not find it really difficult using with Lumia 830, for which it is particularly designed.

Isometric Windows Phone PSD Mockup

isometric windows phone psd mockup

This High-resolution free PSD mockup for windows isometric devices is a great one for using. As mentioned, you can download and try it out without needing to pay any charges.

Colorful PSD Windows Phone Mockup

colorful psd windows phone mockup

Use this classy windows phone mockup set for showing off your app or theme in style. Measuring 5616*3744 PX, this mockup template is integrated with smart screen objects. But make sure you have Photoshop CS 4+ for using it. A guide file is included with it to help you out with its use.

Windows Phone Screen Mockup

windows phone screen mockup

This layered windows mockup is scalable and comes with various theme color and editable texts. It is used mostly by windows phones running on windows 7.

Nokia Lumia 1520 PSD Mockup

nokia lumia 1520 psd mockup

Particularly designed for Lumia 1520, this PSD mockup is of high quality featuring high resolution. Measuring around 5472*3648px, this mockup is indeed easy for using, provided you follow the steps properly.

Free Windows Smart Phone PSD Mockup

free windows smart phone psd mockup

Free Download Windows Smart Phone Mockup

free download windows smart phone mockup

Windows PSD Mobile Mockup

windows psd mobile mockup

High-Quality Windows Phone Mockup

high quality windows phone mockup

Windows 8 Phone Mockup

windows 8 phone mockup

With the myriad of mockups listed here, you will surely be able to find one meeting your need as per your phone type. So why wait any more? Get ahead with the latest windows phone mockup for showcasing your mobile apps in style. To make sure you use them properly, do follow the instructions given in the guide file attached.

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