Folded paper vector and mockup used in the old trend were mainly white papers. For that reason, when designers require colorful folded paper vector and mockup for their work they will not be able to find. That limited old design trend to just when there is need for black and white folded paper design. The new design trends folded paper mockup is expected to come with different colours.

Folded Paper Mockup

folded paper mock up

White Plain Folded Paper Mockup

white plain floded paper mockup

The present design trends folded paper vectors and mockups are made with colors of various types. You can find mixed colours as well as single colours used in to design folded paper. That made it easy for designers to find the folded paper that will suit their design at any point in time. Another thing about current trends is that they come in many types for different artworks and graphics.

Folded Poster Paper Mockup

folded poster paper mockup

Half Folded Paper Mockup

half folded paper mockup

Folded Business Card Paper Mockup

pack of folded business card paper mockup

Many types of folded paper are available in the current design trends. Some of types you can easily find are: Paper four corner folded mockup, Blank white paper vector mockup, curled page folded paper mockup and lots more.

Tri Folded Paper Mockup

tri folded paper mockup ideas

Blank Trifold Paper Brochure Mockup

blank trifold paper brochure mockup

Free PSD Folded Paper Mockup

bi folded paper mockup

Tri Fold Paper PSD Mockup

tri fold paper psd mockup

Zig Zag Blank Paper Folded Mockup

zig zag blank paper folded mockup

Layout Paper Folded Mockup

layout paper folded mockup

Empty White Paper Folded Mockup

empty white paper folded mockup

A4 Folded PSD Mockup

a4 size folded psd mockup

Yellow Color Folded Paper Mockup

yellow color folded paper mockup

Open Tri-Folded Paper Mockup

open tri folded paper mockup

Tri Folded Paper Brochure Mockup

tri folded paper brochure mockup

Blank Paper Folded Mockup

blank paper floded mockup

Brochure Layout Folded Mockup

spread brouchure layout folded mockup

Folded Brochure PSD Mockup

folded brochure psd mockup

Flat Fold Brochure Mockup

flat fold brochure mockup design

If you are looking to design magazine website, you can go for colourful curled page folded paper mockup. The blank white paper mockup will be good for design of caption on website.

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