Hand bags come with price tags. You could try the hand tag mock-up or the templates that let you modify the designs of these tags before printing them. You can use these tags like mini business cards and display important information about the company. The goal is to keep the customer engaged in every bit of your creation, which also includes hand tags.

High Resolution Hang Tag Mockup

high resolution hang tag mockup

These are high-quality mock-ups available for modification and printing. They can be downloaded in the PSD format. You can open these tags in Photoshop and make desired edits before printing them.

Clothing Tag PSD Mockup

clothing tag psd mockup

Clothing labels can use these mock-up designs to choose which tags look good on their clothes. They can add the design of the logo, change the background, or use lace, and ribbons to decorate the clothing tags. There are in-built design templates available to create amazing clothing tags.

Hang Tags Product Mock-up

hang tags product mock up

These are more like care labels with information about the product punched in. They can be used as tags, tickets, or used as tags for any vintage items. These are moderate size tags in square size and can be printed in metallic foil.

Editable Hang Tag PSD Mockup

editable hang tag psd mockup

This is a mockup PSD style tag in grunge and artistic background. It is highly editable. Every element of this tag can be edited and redesigned before printing. Only the dimensions of the tags do not change since these mock-ups follow standard dimensions for template designs.

Vintage Hang Tag Mockup

vintage hang tag mockup

Love for vintage clothing also calls for hand tags that are designed and dressed in this theme. Having a tag that goes with the style of clothing shows coherence and familiarity. You can decide the kind of printing that goes on to these tags once they are ready for printing.

Realistic Label Tag Mockup Design

realistic label tag mockup design

This is a rectangular shape mock up design for clothing tags that suits vintage clothing. It looks rustic with ink of different colors printed. The color for text is entirely your choice. The colors on the print always look slightly different from the color on the web.

Customizable T Shirt Hang Tag Mockup

customizable t shirt hang tag mockup

Starting a business in customized t-shirts? You may as well have a look at these tag designs that might go well with the clothing line. These are simple mock up designs with engraved words and logos onto the paper that comes with thickness.

Blank Hang Tag Mockup Template

blank hang tag mockup template

Designers of hand tags that already have a brief can use this blank mock-up template to design hand tags. Most of the hand tags are printed on paper because they are eliminated after purchase. This is the standard tradition all the shoppers follow.

High Quality Hang Tag PSD Mockup

high quality hang tag psd mockup

This is a cardboard tag that has interesting colors for print in text and words. Only high-quality designs can be printed onto this material. It is important to take care of the font size and style before printing the final output.

Paper Hang Tag Mockup

paper hang tag mockup

Paper tags are commonly used for a variety of retail products. Wearable items are more suited to use these elegant looking tags that are neatly cut and printed into standard dimensions.

PSD Label Brand Mockup

psd label brand mockup

Cardboard Hang Tag Mockup

cardboard hang tag mockup

Apparel Label and Tag Mockup

apparel label and tag mockup

Brown Label Hang Tag Mockup

brown label hang tag mockup

Clothes Tag Mockup Design

clothes tag mockup design

Hand tags also show professionalism in the brand. It makes the brand stand out from the local brands. It also depicts that the quality of products are high and the instructions to be followed are clear and concise. Clarity in designs and format gives the customers clear instructions about how to use and wash the products.

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