Landscape photography if we go by the standard definition is the photograph captured to show the vast and unending spaces in the world. One generally considers landscape to be closely related to nature but landscape photography can also beautifully encapsulate the vivid man-made features along with other microscopic elements of our mother nature. Just like all other fields of art and design, photography too is limited to the vision of the photographer. Today we have compiled our favourite and top 10 landscape photographs that will certainly make you appreciate the surroundings in every form.

1. Overarching Splendour, Photograph by Manish Mamtani

overarching splendour photograph by manish mamtani


In the photograph, we have a beautiful trail of colour form over the Sand Dune Arch in Utah’s Arches National Park. Home to the largest amount of stone arches in the world the park is exposed to many of these stunning formations in the sky.

2. Plain View, Photograph by Martin Bisof

plain view photograph by martin bisof


The beautiful shot of a lone road amidst the lush greenery was captured by the photographer from the train during the journey from Kandy to Haputale in Sri Lanka. The image beautifully makes you appreciate every little element as there is no single subject, the entire frame is a conclusive big centre of focus.

3. By a Thread, Photograph by Kieron Nelson

by a thread photograph by kieron nelson


The photograph captures the travellers crossing the most dangerous Hussaini Hanging Bridge in northern Pakistan’s Hunza region. The bridge situated right next to an old dilapidated bridge will certainly make you conscious of the surroundings just with a glimpse.

4. Pelican Party, Photograph by Stas Bartnikas

pelican party photograph by stas bartnikas

An aerial view shows the Pelican gathering in a crowded group over the Colorado river in Mexico. The shot shows the beautiful variation in colour and patterns placed alongside the notion of community exists in all.

5. Rose-Tinted Spectacle, Photograph by Fabrizio Fortuna

rose tinted spectacle photograph by fabrizio fortuna


The rosy tint that can be seen in the photograph is the result of sunset splash over the mountain which is the main landmark of southeastern Iceland. It is often said that design is inspired heavily from nature and the photograph proves it true.

6. Friends in High Places, Photograph by Abdulrahman Almalki

friends in high places photograph by abdulrahman almalki

The rays of the sun create a dramatic effect in the photograph that shows the view of men chatting on a perch in Sarawat Mountains. The photograph puts human is a close connection to the extensive and free spirit of nature.

7. Crackling Cold, Photograph by Anton Petrus

crackling cold photograph by anton petrus

The beauty of crackling surface could never have been captured better. The icy surface of Russia’s Lake Baikal can be see cracking around the rocky outcropping of Elenka Island. The photograph plays such an impact that you can actually feel the cracks.

8. The High Life, Photograph by Heather West

the high life photograph by heather west

World’s highest gondola lift is shot beautifully with a rainy view in British Columbia. Man-made and nature are placed distinctly in the same frame, which is the first to catch your attention.

9. In the Clear, Photograph by Mohnish Bisht

in the clear photograph by mohnish bisht


The clarity in Umngot River in Meghalaya can actually give you the relieving break from the polluting waters that make news every second day. The boats in the photograph add the perfect contrast to the clear waters. Meghalaya is often termed as the Scotland of the east.

10. Sylvan Serenity, Photograph by Jekaterina L

sylvan serenity photograph by jekaterina l

A milky mist and a dense pattern of trees prevent you from looking too deep in this forest in Länsi-Aure, Finland. With all the haphazard stretch you can still sense a symmetry.

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