If you are going through a creative block phase and are not able to come up with unique and interesting ideas for starting your web project, let us offer you some relief with this post.

Today, we have put together 10 best and inspiring examples of graphically designed websites that will help you come up with new ideas as well as keep you updated with the current running web design trends. From hero header, flat design, material design and retro/vintage backgrounds, one ought to be aware of all, to ace in designing a modern website.

1. Vinyl cuts

The design of the website connects us to the happenings and major cultural points that changed the music forever. The visual holds a strong impact while attracting us in to discover the people, places and music of the era.

2. Lo-Flo Records

The website was created to share the works of Jane McNealy, a classical trained pianist, singer-songwriter, jazz and musical composer. Presenting the works of the artist in a creative and visually appealing way, the website offers just the right blend of colours with an impressive and artistic layout matching the nature of the profession of the artist.

3. Epic Ireland

Highlighting the unique global journey of the Irish people, the website with the slideshow effect in the background offers a sense of motion, enhancing the Dublin’s dramatic new 21st-century visitor experience.

4. Spotlight

The true story of a team of Boston Globe reporters and editors that uncovered and revealed the conspiracy and coverup in the clergy child abuse. The official site details the story and involvement of each member in uncovering the horrific story. Informational with the right amount of breather space and text, the website grabs the attention with the design and the content.

5. TSW XP Lab

TSW XP Lab is a team of people specialised in developing people based strategy and the design of the website plays in coordination with the nature of work.

6. St. Louis Murmuration Festival

Murmuration is a 3-day festival that deals with exploring the world of art, music and technology coverage. The website is designed in a visually artistic way with a clear demarcation between the categories and effective use of background images and subtle colours.

7. Timelikes

This interesting website helps you know all the pages you ever liked on Facebook. The space maze type of design allows you to explore the pages you liked with interest. This is a sure fast creative way to make a standard regular format look interesting and appealing.

8. Fixed Group

A digital agency on creativity, design, performance and analytics, Fixed Group is designed with the right vision for creative inspiration. We are certain the website will offer you plenty of motivation and an imaginative impulse to design and develop an artistic project.

9. Step Inside Asia

Colourful, luring and distinctive the step inside Asia website offers beauty with illustrated, animated maps of Asia. You can also explore and see the location of the photographs with a 360° view. An interesting and unique design addition requires you to hold the space bar to view further on the website. We are definite that the website would ensure you a creative surfing time.

10. Type Terms

A perfectly designed website for typography lovers. Revealing anything further would actually spoil the fun you are going to have after going through the website.

Explore these beautiful websites and take inspiration from the web trends for creating and designing your next website based project.

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