The current market trend is competitive and in order to make your portfolio shine through the numerous present in the market, you need to ensure that it is as inspiring and creative.It is not just your work that will impress the potential clients but also the way it is presented will help to grasp the attention of the viewers. No need to feel demotivated if you consider yourself to be less of a creative. You don’t have to be a top-notch creative director to highlight your portfolio, simple creative and innovative thinking will do just the right job.

With plenty of online tools available, you can now build an impressive design portfolio without the knowledge of coding.If you are planning to design one for yourself, be sure to check out these 10 inspiring examples that will help you give the right direction to your thought.

1. Alexandre Rochet

alexandre rochet

Alexandre Rochet

Alexandre Rochet is a French designer who is passionate about image and specialises in web design, identity and interface design. The designer’s website is a complete package of parallax effect and smartfade of colours that is presented well in a single window.

2. Bert

bert 1


Netherlands-based Bert’s is a creative specialists who works on brand, design and development. The single page case-studies by the creative specialists is presented with interest, complete with striking imagery placed parallel to informative texts.

3. Studio Schurk

studio schurk

Studio Schurk

The animation studio, Studio Schurk which can be translated as Studio Rogue in English presents their website with humour and punchy site design. The animations take a centre stage with interesting, fun and bold designs.

4. A Dandy Punk

a dandy punk

A Dandy Punk

A Dandy Punk with an elaborate and detailed illustrated portfolio marks a prominent online presence. The site reflects on creating an inspiring, creative and non-conformist mentality in everybody viewing the website.

5. Adhemas Batista

adhemas batista

Adhemas Batista

Adhemas Batista is a Brazillian born graphic designer based out of Los Angeles. The designer has worked with some of the very renowned brands including Adidas, Coca-Cola and Sony. His portfolio reflects his passion for exploring vibrant and colourful concepts that pop out against a white backdrop.

6. Lizzie Seymour

lizzie seymour1

Lizzie Seymour

Lizzie is one of the few designers who loves to experiment with character design, illustration, installation, a bit of coding and stuff that moves. The adorable and cute crafted portfolio will give you a glimpse inside her beautiful work and cute characters.

7. Femme Fatale

femme fatale

Femme Fatale

Femme Fatale is a creative studio based in Paris. The studio focuses on culture, luxury, editorial and art. Somewhere between sophistication and simplicity, the portfolio site reflects well on parallax effects and bold images.

Hope these brilliantly designed portfolios help you design one either as an individual designer or for a design agency.

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