Popular and trending, the online community of Behance is certainly the official place of inspiration for artists of all disciplines. It is one of the best ways to see and share the work of your peers and also find new work and creative inspiration from top web designers and agencies. With so many artists and illustrators to browse through, we have made your job easy by compiling the list of 10 best illustrators that you need to follow on Behance.

1. Antonina Aleksandrova

Antonina Aleksandrova Source

Based in Kiev, her profile has a set of most distinctive and beautiful illustrations that are equally intriguing and eye catching. The illustrator has created a number of poster and advertisements for the newspaper campaigns, but her personal work can definitely be marked as the best.

2. Llew Mejia

Llew Mejia Source

Located in Minneapolis, illustrator Mejia certainly loves colors. The illustrations by the artist are decked with surreal characters and extensive detail. These elements are positively going to make you look twice at every creation.

3. Olga Protasova

Olga Protasova Source

Kiev-based illustrator and graphic designer, Protasova loves to work around lettering and illustration. If you are someone who finds typography no less than a creative art form then you will definitely love her work.

4. Paul Williams

Paul Williams Source

Freelance illustrator in the West Midlands, UK, William was accepted in the jury-selected ‘Best of British Illustration 2010’ annual by the Association of Illustrators.

5. Steve Simpson

Steve Simpson Source

You are definitely missing out on a lot if you are not following Steve Simpson. Based in Dublin, Ireland, Simpson has over 30 years experience in the creative arts industry. And, this explains his incredible portfolio of work.

6. Simon Prades

Simon Prades Source

Simon Prades is a talented illustrator and graphic designer whose client list includes the likes of NIKE, The New York Times and VICE magazine. Inspiring and beautiful, the intricate pencil and ink illustrations of the artist are unquestionably worth your attention and time.

7. Lain Macarthur

Lain Macarthur Source

Macarthur is a British illustrator with an inspirational portfolio that features beautiful and detailed illustrations. The illustrator’s main area of work would definitely be the realistic drawings of figures and faces. He makes surreal transformations by conjoining patterns with portraits.

8. Victo Ngai

Victo Ngai Source

Victo Ngai is a New York-based illustrator who loves traveling, eating and drawing. Her portfolio is the true reflection of her passion for drawing. Her eye-catching, distinctive styles have made her work with some of the world’s biggest brands including The New Yorker, McDonald’s and Adidas Hong Kong.

9. Sedat Girgin

Sedat Girgin Source

Turkish illustrator, Girgin works as a freelance illustrator for several children’s book publishers and magazines. His style is unique, with many of his drawings featuring slightly moderate dark undertone.

10. Mink Couteaux

Mink Couteaux Source

Mink Couteaux is a Dutch illustrator and graphic designs whose portfolio ranges from detailed portraits to more abstract design. His ‘Bad Actors’ and ‘Dead Rappers’ series are some of his best pieces.

Go through the portfolios of the above-mentioned illustrators and feel inspired to create your next masterpiece.

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