The moment the sad news dawned upon us, we all knew that Star Wars will never be the same again. And as much as we are heartbroken with the death of the great actress, there are many who expressed their grief in a variety of ways. In order to pay tribute to our beloved Fisher, visual artists and comics from all over the globe remembered the actress through moving illustrations. We have listed below the 9 tributes that will definitely leave a mark much like her work.

1. Dalcio Machado


Brazillian cartoonist, Dalcio pays tribute to the artist with a sweet and deep memory of the lightsaber bent and placed over the head of the actress like a halo.

2. Andy Marlette


Marlette pays the tribute to the great artist by using the primal Star Wars characters. The illustration shows Chewbacca, R2-D2 and C-3PO paying their respect to the actress with the flowers.

3. Chris Roy Taylor


Taylor adds a touch of positive and light humour to his tribute by showing the heaven filled with people who claim to be her fans with the words as well as the classic graphical element of two side buns.

4. Amanda Wong


Just like Moish, Wong too pays her tribute by featuring the actress with her beloved dog. With a loving expression filled with warmth and care, it truly reflects the admiration for the actress.

5. M.J Hiblen

Hiblen against the backdrop of white places Princess Leia and R2D2 in the same frame. With both the characters facing the opposite side, we as a viewer get the deep message and meaning. Kenny Baker, who played R2-D2 passed away in August 2016.

6. Darthfar

The artist places the actress amidst the backdrop of stars. Definitely, a place well earned for the actress.

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